I respectfully request that you cease with the 'R Word' insanity

Have you noticed the big congressional hearings about how our voting system is totally off the rails? Have you been following the scandal of Interstate Crosscheck which purged millions of citizens off the voter rolls? Have you taken note of the major corporate news coverage of how voting machines have been proven to be “compromised?”

Are there people testifying about how any kind of third party has no chance due to this filthy and totally owned duopoly that we call the two-party-system? Have you seen a bunch of talking heads on the television going on and on about how the two-wing-of-the-same-bird saga is about as democratic as well, something non-democratic? Is there 24/7 coverage about how primary elections should be open to ALL parties and even to those with no party affiliation?

Are various corporations testifying to the fact that they are now considered to be people and can cram unfettered amounts of money into the pockets of candidates? Are people protesting the gerrymandering that takes place in every state? Are we hearing anything about how polling locations have closed down ever since the Voting Rights Act was gutted via Supreme Court decision?

Did you hear rumors of how the debates never include third parties and those in charge have planned it that way so that any candidate who isn't a part of the wretched establishment has NO chance of sharing his/her platform?

Have you heard testimony about how people actually filmed the voting machines flipping to the establishment candidate when the person voted for the opponent? Did you hear of the various cases all across the country about the primary shenanigans in terms of the Democratic Party?

Did you know that ranked choice voting is an option that would allow for a more even playing field? Are they discussing this madly in front of our puppets also known as elected officials?

During the testimony did they bring to light the Princeton study which indicated that 70% of what the citizens want NEVER comes to fruition, due to the corporate interests who actually own our politicians? Did you hear about how the Democratic and Republican parties ALWAYS agree on military spending but clutch pearls over the possibility of health insurance for all or tuition free public college? Did you know that we are slaves to the military industrial complex of which Eisenhower warned us?

I didn't think so since this whole hoopla about Russia “interfering” with the election is STILL front and center. I am shocked and chagrined that it has gone this far. Honestly, I'm almost at a loss for words. Note: I said almost.

This whole congressional dog and pony show is based on lies. Why are we pretending like this is a legitimate investigation? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the mandate of the special counsel to unearth proof that Trump “colluded” with Russia (whatever that means) to affect the outcome of the election? What is happening currently has not ONE thing to do with the supposed election interference.

Just a bit of a reality check is in order at this time. It was proven quite some time ago that the purported “hack” of the email server was not carried out by anyone located in another country. Please check out a group called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, known as VIPS. They proved that due to the speed of the download it could not have been a hack. Not only but it was carried out here in the US of A on the east coast. It was a leak, not a hack is my point and has been my point since the late 1970s when this story began. (Consortium News and The Nation were both “on this” from the start.)

This Mueller creature is compromised, to say the least, as he has direct ties to some of the same hooligans who he is investigating. (I have never understood this ridiculous notion of governmental officials investigating governmental officials. Call me odd but quit taking such pleasure in doing so.)

However, if the president were to boot him out, collective pearl clutching would unfold in the hideously corrupt state run, CIA backed corporate media. They would say that he was doing so to keep him from unearthing the truth about his love affair with Putin.

I just loathe it when I have to agree with Donald Trump about something but fair is fair. I realize I will not win friends and influence people by stating this but he is absolutely correct when he states that the focus of the investigation is way off target.

I shall now pause so that you can commence labeling me everything from a “Putin Puppet” to a “Faux News Hound” with “Trump Supporter” thrown in for good measure. Are you finished yet?

The powers that be have really done a swell job of handling this situation. It appears to be strictly taboo to speak of this jazz and when we do, we are called “tinfoil hat wearing lunatics.” Hats off (even of the tinfoil variety) to the CIA for making sure the term “conspiracy theory” or “theorist” worked its way into the vernacular in the late 60s. This was so that anyone questioning the official story of the JFK murder would be dubbed a total loon. It - See Request page 5

Request - from page 3

worked!! Isn't that wonderful?

Has anyone bothered to ask the person who published the LEAKED emails about any of this jazz? Actually the answer is yes and he has said over and over again that they were not from a state actor of any sort, not even big scary Russia. Does anyone other than a FEW independent progressive and conservative media outlets discuss the actual contents of said emails? The whole blame Russia game was exposed in them but don't bother, just stay tuned to the millionaire talking head on your screen.

Why is Russia suddenly some sort of giant enemy of this country? Do people realize that they are just as much of a capitalistic oligarchic society as the US of A? Do citizens understand that the “red scare” is supposed to be over? Does anyone remember Obama telling Romney that the 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back? This would have been when Romney was blathering on about Russia being the boogeyman of the decade. (It may have been the 1990s that telephoned for their foreign policy but it matters not at this point as I think you get the picture.)

Why aren't we focusing on those who literally control the manner in which congressmen/women and senators vote on various pieces of legislation? (For those late to the show this would be the Israeli lobby called AIPAC.) Are people aware of the fact that this is one of the strongest lobby groups in the country? How do you feel about Israel being “in charge” of our foreign and domestic policy? Why don't we investigate those members of our government who are dual citizens of the US of A and Israel? Why can't we switch out the word Russia with Israel?

Why are people who usually blame others for being xenophobic acting in such a manner as it relates to all things Russia? One particular “side of the aisle” has lost its mind over this ridiculous saga and is displaying signs of an official break with reality.

I really can't go on anymore tonight—stop exhaling, it's rude. Oh one more thing, did Russia decide to blow off campaigning in blue collar regions in order to attend high end campaign fund raising dinners in Hollywood and other points of interest? Did Russia campaign with Wall Street money? Did Russia say that single payer health insurance was basically a pipe dream? Did Russia purge those voter off the lists? Did Russia display disdain for the progressive members of its party? Did Russia blame everybody but themselves for their loss?

I didn't think so.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck – AIPAC – Geoengineering)