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AT THE LIBRARY - Therese Wheaton and her Leader Dog Forrest visited at the Linesville Public Library last week, a part of an ongoing series of speakers during the summer reading program. Leader dogs are trained to lead the blind. See library column page 12 for full details. Wheaton is in the middle in the back row, the dog, darker object a bit to the right.

Headlines for July 27, 2015 Print E-mail

CL Park shows operating loss
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut Lake Park shows an operating loss for the month of June and year to date in reports filed last week in court documents.

A court hearing is scheduled for the first week of August in the continuing bankruptcy case that will include a legal brief from the state Attorney General’s office that may affect how the insurance money from the Beach Club fire is dispersed.

That brief cites court cases on how money has been dispersed from similar situations.

The June operating statement from the Park, shows gross revenues of $72,170.35, less cost of goods sold for a gross profit of $71,827.05

Operating expenses include insurance of $6,355.50; insider compensation, $32,572.22; management fees/bonus, $1,032.89; repairs and maintenance, $39,406.91; payroll taxes, $3676.47, with total operating expenses before depreciation listed as $207,013.50, making a net loss of $134,562.45, plus under reorganization items, professional fees of $17,319.04, for a net loss of $151,881.49.

Read more in this weeks issue.


Gunfire hot topic during CL regional police meeting
Written by Lisa Houserman

The Conneaut Lake Regional Police Commission held their July meeting with members Richard Holabaugh, Lyle Hoovler, Kevin VanHonk, Tim Kaider, Bonnie Smith and Rose Mumau present. Police Chief Todd Pfeifer was absent and there were no citizens in attendance.

Conneaut Lake Mayor Tim Kaider said that he had received two complaints about an individual firing a pistol in a non rural portion of the township. Both Vernon and the Conneaut Lake Regional Police arrived on the scene. Sometime later, the shooter, so to speak, told Kaider that the officers said he was within his legal rights to fire the weapon. Kaider pointed out that he didn't think he had gotten the “whole story” from the resident but, that was what he had been told.

Holabaugh said that it is true that a person may fire a gun but there are certain conditions and laws on the books at the state level, concerning such.

Secretary Mumau added that a firearm cannot be discharged within a certain proximity to buildings, homes or other structures.

Township Supervisor Lyle Hoovler stated that it is wise to carry out target practice, for example, at a club with an NRA, (National Rifle Association), approved backstop. He said that not having an appropriate area in which to discharge a weapon can lead to serious problems due to the downrange factor.

Read more in this weeks issue.

For additional details about these stories , as well as the headlines noted below, please purchase a Monday, July 27, newspaper at area locations or a digital download of the paper.

  • Auctions on July 30! Estate! Investment properties! Page 10!
  • Benefit dinner Aug. 1, for Sue Oskin. See Page 12.
  • CL Presbyterian Church to celebrate 100th anniversary



LIBRARY VISITOR - Dr. Marianne Suprys, back row, visited the Linesville Summer Reading Program at the Linesville Community Library last week! She explained what a general practitioner does and that she loves helping people and especially children. She also explained that she not only works out of her office in Linesville but goes to the Meadville hospital, Rolling Fields and makes home visits. She explained that it takes 12 years of schooling and clinical work to become a doctor.

Springboro council pushes plan for VFD planning, merger Print E-mail
Written by David Schaef   
Monday, 20 July 2015 00:00

The talk at the Springboro Council meeting Monday, July 13, turned to concerns over two area fire departments that could close.

Those two are the Fellows Club in Conneautville and the Albion VFD.

Albion was recently in the news as that department appealed for more public support, expressed concern over finances, and held a public meeting. Projections were they could close in 12 to 18 months.

The Fellows Club [see letter in I Say! page 22], according to comment by Jim Glaspy, Springboro Council president, was that the Fellows Club may have just 8 active members. The letter just referred to notes no ambulance service taking place.

Springboro councilman Matt Rowland suggested that Springboro may be able to pull others in as Springboro VFD is viable, currently financially good and seems to be growing [social club].

Read more in this weeks issue.

For additional details about Springboro council pushes plan for VFD planning, merger, as well as the headlines noted below, please purchase a Monday, July 20, newspaper at area locations or a digital download of the paper.

  • Celebrating Civil War Days! Conneautville! Pages 23 - 24!
  • Letter pushes CV area VFD merger! Page 22
  • Linesville VFW Ladies Auxiliary meeting held! Page 2

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