Animal rescue

This week I'm staying the course in terms of backing away a tad from all things political. I'm not sure if you noticed this but I've been trying to plunk down a little something for everyone as of late and gently get away from “all politics all the time” sort of jazz.

Instead you will be told of the sheer madness that has been unfolding here in the home due to our cat doors and Todd the Cat (TTC) in particular.

I think I told you of my chipmunk rescue that took place several weeks ago but just for my new readers, I shall sum it up quickly, if quickly is now defined as “in 5,000 words or more.”

About 6 weeks ago I heard some odd sounds emanating from the kitchen so I approached slowly and calmly to see what was happening. I noticed something poking its head out of a roll of Christmas wrapping paper and discovered that it was a chipmunk. I gingerly took said roll outdoors and kind of tossed it onto my chair. At that point Chip emerged. After he shook his little head wildly, I stroked him with the tip of one finger and he hopped away to safety. It was at that moment when I discovered the roll still seemed to be on the heavy side. This is when Munk flew out of the tube and joined Chip in the front yard.

All was well as I had saved two chips and I watched them skip merrily along. Then Perpetual (life long thorn) and I rescued another one by utilizing our cat food bag method. This would be to kind of hold said bag and scoot the little guy or gal along into it by using a broom handle or cooking utensil. This worked like a charm thereby saving yet another chipper.

You see, the cat doors are providing a way for TTC to bring us his “catches of the day” in order for us to be oh so proud of him. This works for Perpetual whilst I generally recoil in horror upon arising from bed each day.

I recently was listening to that David Icke who has a theory about our origins including that some people are actual reptilians. Actually he says that those in higher up roles in government etc., are related to our reptilian ancestors etc. Yes, I know—I know, it sounds insane but is actually quite interesting.

Unlike some people, I'm not afraid to at the very least listen to some “odd” theories that certain people have embraced. I am not worried about looking at what most call “conspiracy theories” especially because many have been proven to be true. Does this section serve as a digression? I thought so and shall now inch forward.

Keep in mind that I had gone to sleep with the sounds of this David Icke in my ear bloviating madly about this or that person being reptilian. I made coffee and made my way to the living room in order to plop down and sip the hot beverage when suddenly, something on the floor caught my eye and sent me leaping atop said couch.

Here TTC had presented us with a dead or almost deceased frog who was lying belly-side up for all to see. After I gathered my tongue from the floor, I managed to scoop him up and in the process discovered that the possible prince was still living—just a bit though.

I took him outside and pitched him far away so that TTC wouldn't get the bright idea to fetch him again.

Another morning I awakened to find feathers galore all over the sun room floor. I just made a rhyme by the by. Here one of the animals had murdered a bird and didn't clean up the feathers.

That brings us to the current issue happening here in our zoo of a home. I'm not sure if Chip and Munk gave birth inside this house or what but chipmunks are plentiful as of late. I saw one trying to escape the clutches of Louise, our YUGE Mainecoon kitty. I'm not sure that I spelled that breed right so please forgive me if not.

Moving along, either this chipmunk can throw his voice or we have at least two currently dodging about avoiding certain death at the paws of Louise, Todd, Zoe and Marz. I had some left over food from Sebastian the Hamster who died long ago so I put some down for them. I also provided water via one of those small plastic measuring cups for medicine. That way I'm making some kind of effort to save his or her or their little life, lives, etc.

I was casually prepping coffee this morning when something zoomed by overhead. I thought “gee, that chipmunk sure is agile.” Well turns out that it was a bird and not a chipmunk. Mind you, the chip is still in here for certain as I have spotted him/her so we had the bird and the chip(s).

Louise was in high pursuit of this bird for most of the morning. When I was out on the porch I heard him hit the kitchen window on more than one occasion. I decided to open the door that leads to the laundry area next to the back door just to give said bird some kind of chance. Well, my efforts paid off as just a bit later I noticed our dear, sweet Louise down by the back door along with the most adorable little brown looking bird. (I'm not very good with bird breeds.) She bolted off and I was able to pick him/her up.

Generally when Perpetual and I save birds lately, and we have on numerous occasions, we take them to a tree by the sidewalk that I have dubbed “The Healing Tree.” This wasn't necessary in this instance because I was literally at the back door. When I picked that little “poof” of softness up, he struggled just briefly by moving those little spindly legs about and then he calmed down.

I released him and he was able to totally fly up into our huge tree in the back yard! This was so elating for me ladies and gents. I just loved being able to save a bird and hold him/her too.

Yesterday I was on the trail of the chipmunk when I noticed something dark in an otherwise empty box in the kitchen. Here it was a dead bird. I have no clue if one of the cats murdered it and left it there for us to see or what but there wasn't even much damage. It was far too late in terms of placing it in the Healing Tree so I put him outside in order for him to return to the earth from which he came.

OMZ (Oh My Zeus) I must get going and now because Todd has brought me a baby skunk. HOLD ME.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck and AIPAC)