Various overlooked news items

This week I think I'm just going to plunk down some news items that have been unfolding whilst the corporate media has been focused on other things.

Sorry in advance to those who were hoping for something lighthearted and fun. This will not be a piece filled with joy, love and peace but I feel that I must shine a light on some of the things being overlooked due to the corporate media's obsession with other subject matter.

First of all, clearly I'm OK with the so called media bringing to light that hideous shooting that took place during a softball practice of sorts. That is perfectly fine with me of course but I just think that it should not dominate the “news” 24/7. I'm odd that way—stop your evil thoughts pronto. I mean I like to keep abreast of all shenanigans that are taking place whilst the talking heads bloviate madly about one subject non stop.

Prior to the shooting, people were enthralled with that “darling” of the south Jefferson Beauregard Sessions giving his testimony about the obscene and overly done Russia collusion, interference, hacking and any other term that is literally not true as NO proof has been given. Wow, I just went off on a tangent and for that, I'm sorry—not really.

As all eyes were glued to TV sets across the land waiting with bated breath to hear what the missing Keebler Elf might impart, Congress was working like busy little bees to make it so that this non healthy non care bill might swiftly move through.

They were also rubbing hands together with sheer delight (to the point of generating electricity) over the prospect of ending the Dodd Frank law, bill, whatever it's called.

I'm sure you are tiring of hearing about things happening overseas as well since I'm certain that our controlled corporate media has been all over it but I will still give you the particulars. (I was being sarcastic in that last sentence just in case you missed that.)

Let's focus briefly on our dear, sweet and wonderful friends Israel. As people here were focused to the max on all things hearings, EVIL BiBi Netenyaaaahhhhooo (yes I know) declared that they would occupy the “West Bank” basically until the end of time. Also they have now cut off even more of the electricity supply running into the largest open air prison on earth, known fondly as the Gaza Strip to most.

As it stands now, Israel literally decides how much water, electricity and food reaches Gaza. I'm thinking many people do not know about this because I know that Americans would be outraged if they did. We get a very one-sided story here when it comes to that ATTROCIOUS apartheid state called Israel.

Did you know that the average age of a Palestinian in Gaza is 16 years of age? Well, that is the average age. They do NOT have a military either and never have. I know you are thinking of Hamas right now so let me nip that in the bud quickly. Hamas is literally a resistance to an occupation that has been unfolding for literally 70 years. (Remember, I only use the word “literally” in a literal manner. In the case of this particular paragraph, I've decided to use it repeatedly as well. Does this count as my obligatory digression?)

I'm begging you again to check out several people including but not limited to: Miko Peled, Ilan Pappe, Max Blumenthal and Norman Finkelstein. (I purposely listed all men with a Jewish background so people can commence calling them “self hating Jews” and “antisemitic.”) Also check out the USS Liberty incident which was the day that Israel attacked the United States when they PURPOSELY wreaked havoc on the USS Liberty. This would have been on June 8, 1967.

The reason for doing such a thing was to basically blame it on Egypt thereby bringing Uncle Sam into that 6 Day War over yonder.

I know that many of you think that this was just an error on the part of Israel but that is not true. Just check out statements, interviews and documentaries with the surviving crew. One of the gentlemen who is the most famous would be a man named Phil Tourney. If you just Google that name or type it into the You Tube search region you can receive the full story.

Transcripts have also come to light that prove that this was “no boating accident,” to quote my favorite movie, Jaws. (Mind you, I'm not cheating on Lonesome Dove so stop judging me. LD was a made for television miniseries and there is a difference.)

We MUST start objecting strongly to handing out foreign aid to Israel, Saudi Arabia and any other country that carries out atrocities against another nation or group. I don't know about you but I am LIVID that one dime of tax payer dollars is used to run over people who are basically trapped in the above-mentioned open-air prison.

Also citizens of the West Bank region are being bulldozed out of their homes whilst the world casually looks on without saying much of anything. (This generally happens out of fear of being called antisemitic. Zionists live for pulling the antisemitism card as much as possible to stop any sane talk from happening. Also the Nazi Holocaust has been used as the same type of defense mechanism for ages at this point. See Norman Finkelstein for details about that one.)

This is why I wonder why we even bother having international laws at all. We don't follow the rules nor does Israel. Now that I ponder, England and other countries are just as culpable.

This is the part of the column in which I casually segue back into something about what is unfolding in our congress whilst the world is preoccupied with other things so here goes.

Another hot topic that has been happening is the effort to destroy net neutrality. The gent who has been charged with overseeing the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) used to work for some “yuge” company like Comcast or some such. Anyhow, he is making an effort to insure that the big corporations make as much profit as possible by ending the current system of net neutrality.

If this happens, the big companies will be able to charge high fees for fast internet. In other words, they will be able to slow down particular websites, etc., unless the customer pays a pretty or homely penny.

These are just a few items that have happened as of late and I felt compelled to bring them at you wildly with speed and agility.

With that, I'm off for the week. Again I beg you to stop exhaling madly as Todd the Cat has been airlifted to - See Overlooked page 7