The elephant in the room

Happy days are here again as I am penning an original piece for the first time in a couple of weeks, I think. It just so happened that those weeks in question were ones in which I generally submit reruns and I took full advantage of the “sitch.” I'm getting pretty good at justifying lazy behavior. Are you proud?

There is so much going on in the world these days that it's hard for me to lasso any one rant. I could blather on about the hideous tax plan that Trump has unleashed on society or wants to unleash or whatever. This would give YUGE tax cuts to the wealthiest multinational corporations whilst sticking it to the middle class.

I could also point out that the so-called “death tax” that people get all worked up about has absolutely nothing to do with the average Joe passing along his money, house, pickup truck and basset hound to his family. It concerns people that are so terribly wealthy that they fit into some odd percentage like .02% plus their wealth was inherited. I will not be saying anything about how much this would benefit the Trump clan.

These people are NOT the elusive job creators that we've now heard about for decades on end. That is all political jargon to scare people into thinking they are being taxed to death or some such male bovine excrement.

I could also talk about the fact that Trump has broken his campaign promise to stay out of regime change wars on foreign soil; or I could discuss how he has killed over 1,000 civilians in about a month. “Beautiful babies” have perished in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and in other countries as well due to US coalition forces with our friends the Saudis in the lead. I shall NOT discuss such things though.

I'm not going to talk about any of the above-mentioned at all and am instead going to address the elephant in the room, as the saying goes. This is something that people have been bullied by the PC Patrol into remaining silent about for fear of being labeled as a hater of a particular people. There is a concerted effort to muzzle those who wish to speak out about this topic. I am not joking, for once in my life.

It is beyond time to take a good look at our world and be brutally honest. We are at a tipping point with these crazed policies put forth by creatures who salivate over the prospect of keeping the war machine going at any and all cost to humanity, as we know it.

Just remember, war is a RACKET for the benefit of the wealthy and the military industrial complex. These sociopaths care not for our young men and women who sign up to “protect us from harm.” We MUST question with boldness (partial Thomas Jefferson quote thrown in for good measure) who our allies might be and also ask if they are really friends of Uncle Sam.

Now that I've brought the room down in terms of mood, I am going to speak the unspeakable. It is time to take a real look at this country and why it is that we do what we do in terms of policies—especially as they relate to the Mideast.

You all know by now that I've dropped any and all allegiances with political parties and/or identities and can therefore speak in a blunt manner without fear of repercussions. I have been begging for all of you to do the same and I know you are tired of hearing this. It is crucial to do so because the powers that be, the 1%, the rulers of the world or whatever one wants to call these heathens want to keep us divided and fighting. Dems and Reps are different sides of the same filthy coin and are BOTH controlled by Wall Street and other special interest groups.

That brings me to the main thrust of this depressing piece at long last. I want you to think very hard about this and do some research in your free time as well.

We all know that our votes don't do a darned thing other than bring in one of the elite controlled establishment people. Lobbyist groups have a major hold over just about all elected officials. Very few people's hands are clean by the time they reach the upper echelons of government but there are a FEW good people.

The lobby group that has the most control even more so than the NRA (National Rifle Association – like northwestern Crawford Countians need that defined) is the Israeli lobby known as AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). This is where things get sticky and overly PC because we have been bullied into not saying a word against dear, sweet Israel EVER, because they are our “besties” and can do NO wrong.

Well, I'm here to break the law and tell you that they are no friends of ours or mine. This whole Zionist movement (not to be confused with the RELIGION of Judaism) has caused massive amounts of harm throughout the world. I feel that I can speak more freely than most because I am legally Jewish on paper. I used to practice the faith and if I still did, I would be much better at it, but I digress.

My fellow Americans, this lobby is so strong and powerful that some in Congress who signed the AIPAC Pledge, yes Virginia there is such a thing, have been known to literally ask how Such and Such Bill would affect Israel. If you do not believe me please go to You Tube and put this in the search: Cynthia McKinney Israel or Miko Peled The General's Son or Max Blumenthal or Norman Finkelstein.

Do you remember how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump practically licked the boots of all in attendance when they addressed AIPAC during the primaries? Do you recall that Bernie Sanders could not appear at that “we live for Israel and she can do no wrong” gathering? Does anyone recall how Bernie was demonized because he had the chutzpah to point out that Palestinians have rights too and we must help them? Hmm.

Dennis Kucinich, James Traficant and several others have spoken out about how we aid this country with BILLIONS per year and it's used to commit hideous crimes against humanity.

Most Americans honestly know nothing about this because they have been spoon fed a media narrative over the years that favors all things Israel. I could no longer stay silent about this even though I struggled for some time as to whether or not I should broach this subject.

When I hear about how Israel is the only democracy in that region, it makes my blood boil because they are NOT. There is one set of laws for Israeli born citizens and Palestinians live under military law. They are arrested, tortured and imprisoned for protesting, for one example. Before you scream out “Hamas” keep in mind that Palestine has NEVER had a military and this group came to prevalence because they are a reactionary force to the occupation.

We need to put ourselves in other people's shoes from time to time. What would happen if one day the powers that be decided to take residents of Crawford County and simply plop them down in the middle of a county in Nebraska? Not only but whilst in Nebraska, a military machine threw Nebraskans out of their homes and herded them to the very edge of their OWN county all so the MINORITY of Crawford Countians could settle in comfortably.

Also, since when do we allow a leader of another country to address our Congress and throw in standing ovations galore for good measure? This is WRONG on all levels. Just one other tidbit, check into Trump's son in law. He is an ardent supporter of the so called “settlements” and profits off of them due to having shares in the construction companies.

The bottom line of this situation is this: Zionism has been around for years. At the turn of the last century, (late 1800s) a plan came to be in terms of the founding of a Jewish homeland. Palestine wasn't even the first choice, by the by. So a group of wealthy white Europeans were GIVEN land smack dab in the middle of an Arab region. What could possibly go wrong?

This breaks my heart to the max. When I studied with a rabbi for a year, he told me that there are groups of super religious Jews who do not accept the state of Israel as they feel that only God can determine such a thing. I encourage you to look up Rabbi Weiss as he is a prominent leader of one group.

10,000 of these goodhearted devout Jews marched in the city of New York a couple years ago to protest the apartheid state of Israel but it got NO coverage on any media outlet. Just think about that for a bit.

There is so much more to blather on about incessantly but I don't have any room left. I'm sure some of my Christian friends will be upset with me over this because many seem to worship Israel blindly. I simply couldn't go on any longer without at least sharing SOME of my knowledge about this with the public at large or small.

If this makes me a self hating Jew or antisemitic then I must ask, what does it make you? Are you comfortable with Uncle Sam giving BILLIONS to a racist regime so they can run over the natives in that region and ILLEGALLY steal their land? Are you comfortable with Palestinian children being brutally mowed down by constant gunfire? Does your religion think it's socially acceptable that children don't have clean drinking water and are only given enough calories to keep them alive? How do you feel about the fact that chemical weapons are tested on the citizens of Gaza with some regularity? If this makes me antisemitic I will wear the title with pride. In closing I want you to please keep in mind the following, once again.

There are LITERALLY 6 major corporations that control what we take in on a daily basis in terms of media. (I believe this could soon turn into 5 or maybe it has already unfolded. I'm not positive as I know there was another consolidation in the works several months back. I think you can research this on your own as I have faith in all of you.)

This is something I've pointed out in columns gone by but cannot stress enough. When I say the word “media” I also mean print and television programs, not just news. I believe at last count about 10% of content or outlets were considered to be independent media outlets. That is quite astonishing. It makes me wonder about the true definition of “fake news.”

Please look up some of the information I've given you and just think for yourselves. Are you comfortable with taking orders from another country? Do you think it's fine for people in higher government to literally have dual citizenship? When others are yelling about Russia interfering with our politics, they are putting on blinders to the real culprit, our best friend Israel. Also just think of how that evil creature that leads Israel FREAKS out all of the time and demands that other nations “recognize” Israel. Why the paranoia? Why is EVERY criticism of the governmental actions of a country considered to be antisemitic?

I will happily return to this subject again or answer any questions pertaining to the subject as I've been studying it for years at this point. I'm done and quit exhaling madly as it leads to Todd arriving in Shermansville.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck and AIPAC) My endings are going to be a whole paragraph soon.

For further reading or study please search: General Wesley Clark, “Seven Countries in Five Years.” Also check out Oded Yinon Greater Israel Project which will show you just why we bomb these countries which are NO threat to us. Also my personal hero, Miko Peled “The General's Son.” Open your minds to the reality that not everything we see on the television or read in a corporate paper is true.