Perpetual's Birthday Greeting

Before I submit the rerun in honor of P's birthday, I just have to gently yet effectively throw in something about our latest state of affairs in these fine United States. Remember how a few weeks ago I asked you all to play “The Game” with me? This had to do with shedding all political identities and being free thinking individuals not beholden to any political parties, ideologies, etc., blah, blah, blah. That was a quick refresher course by the by.

I'm asking that you partake again in said game but this time we shall utilize a play on words, for lack of a better description.

I want you to replace the word “Russia” with another country, for instance, “Italy” or any European destination. OK now let us say something like this: “Donald Trump's (fill in whoever you'd like) met with Italians during the election!!” OR, “Donald Trump's one time campaign manager has total ties to a German oligarch!”

Do you see how this works? I have to state this emphatically for the 1,298th time. This whole Russia scare has reached levels of not only insanity but total danger. Might I remind you all that Russia is no longer a scary “boogeyman?” We no longer think that “Commies” are hiding out in every dark alley ready to infiltrate our government. Russia is no longer a Communist nation. (Frankly, I'm wondering why that should even matter but I digress. I'm no longer afraid of these silly words or descriptions of various economic systems etc.)

To paraphrase President Obama from the 2012 run when talking about Mitt Romney's attempt to “red scare” us, the 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back. (We Americans MUST have something to fear be it Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Terrorism and any other ISM that floats to the forefront.)

Russia is the same as we in terms of both of “us” are Oligarchic type “regimes” who are owned by large corporations and plutocrats. Therefore, why should anyone clutch pearls because the president had “dealings” with the Russians? What does that even mean?

As you know, I'm not a fan of this man as he is pushing for some hideous things that will HURT average people. However, this throwback to the 1950s way of thinking is going to take us to war with a nuclear power. No worries though as we MUST invent reasons why Hillary did not win. Don't worry about the legitimate reasons like Interstate Crosscheck which purged voters off the voter rolls or anything that mundane. Let us instead focus on RUSSIA! (I never thought I'd see the day when “lefties” would utilize the fear mongering tactics and the “righties” would embrace and love all things Russia, but I have.)

Whilst I have you, keep in mind that the Clinton crew literally made deals with Big BAD Russia for uranium. If you don't believe me, feel free to look it up. Also the Saudi Arabian government, not the people, is HORRIFIC. They behead people in the town square and carry out total crimes against humanity but they are considered to be our good friends? Has this world truly gone mad? Have I lost my mind? Do not answer that.

I feel like I must say this yet again so here I am saying it yet again: When they say that “Russia HACKED and/or interfered/influenced” the outcome of the election, what does that mean? Does it mean that they convinced whoever LEAKED the DNC email jazz to Wikileaks did so on behalf of said Russians? Who are these Russians? Are they in leadership or just plain old oligarchic loons like our leadership? How many times can I utilize the word “leadership?”

It would be most helpful if the actual DNC would hand over their computer server to the FBI but, as I pound this column out, they have NOT. How do I know this you might ask? Well, I've signed petitions galore as of late for that very thing. “Please sign this petition for the DNC to release their computer servers to the FBI for forensic examination,” was close enough to the title of said petitions.

In conclusion, I'm to believe that Russia influenced/hacked/interfered with the election by getting into the DNC email system in order to point out that the Clinton campaign basically stole the primary from Bernie Sanders. Then, upon finding this out her voters suddenly decided to run toward Donald Trump and away from her because they realized that she cheated Bernie? I'm so confused that it's hard to even put into words.

This “meme” has caught on now and it's just taken for granted that “Russia interfered with the election.” They are holding hearings on this very topic right now. Bernie Sanders is even pushing this narrative and he was the one who was cheated which was the total NATURE of the LEAKED emails!

Wow, I've never used so many of these: !!! in a column. I smell something fishy here and it's not a trout that Todd the Cat just brought in from the local pond. (We don't really have a local pond but I wanted to jazz this up.)

Do you understand that Obama built up NATO forces on the borders of Russia prior to exiting stage left? Do you get that our current president is not really of sound mind? Does it occur to you that he might just want to prove that he is not in cahoots with Putin by saying, “I'll show them and simply invade Russia,” or something like that. (In his case he'd throw in the words “very” and “tremendous” over and over and over and over again.)

I'm running out of room for the salute to Perpetual for his special day, just in case that slipped by you. Not to mention I actually said, “in closing” about 2,000 words ago. I might just plunk a picture in here and call it a gift—or a day.

Look, I'm a peace-nick to the max and it troubles me deeply when the so called “party of peace” is acting in such a manner. I think I forgot to mention this yet again: I'm BEGGING all of you to turn off the cable news channels. This goes for FAUX, MSDNC and the Clinton News Network, CNN. How wonderful were they in the lead up to the Iraq invasion? Didn't these same propaganda—I mean “news” agencies all interview former generals turned military contractors every other minute? Why do we forget such things? We are pretty much groomed to have attention spans of gnats and I, for one, will not take it anymore!

OMZ (Oh my Zeus) I must leave room for some sort of Perpetual birthday salute. I know you all think I've gone totally over the edge and you are correct. I just cannot take another day of all Russia all the time so-called news.

Do you realize what is going on in this world other than this? If not, please check out “The Real News Network” on You Tube and, dare I say RT America also on You Tube. For your reading pleasure I once again recommend Glenn Greenwald of the online paper “The Intercept.” He is the one who received a Pulitzer by bringing us Snowden who told us that we are ALL being watched by Big Brother, basically. That is a news item that should be 24/7. We are all being monitored by the NSA, CIA and the NRA (not really the NRA but I needed another.) The crazy lefties are suddenly in love with all three letter agencies and have a childlike trust of everything they say. (Picture this next part being said rapidly and breathlessly.) My head might very well explode and with that I have room to say Happy Birthday to Perpetual who will never read this so I best plunk a picture down somewhere on this or another page.

WHEW! THE END (Interstate Crosscheck)

P.S. Just a little trivia: Bernie Sanders approval rating is 61%. Hillary's approval rating is 35% and President Trump's approval rating is 37% as of this day in history, March 23, 2017.