Wake up

Does anyone remember the gent with the wild white hair, rumpled brown suit, sweeping hand gestures and somewhat of a “grouchy” attitude? You were introduced to him on a national stage sometime last summer, if memory serves. You may recall he was labeled as a “pie in the sky dreamer socialist loon” and was marginalized by ALL of the establishment. (This includes the corporate media both political parties those dwelling in the bubble of Washington DC, etc., etc., blah, blah.)

Just to refresh your memories, this would be the person who filled stadiums across the land with gatherings oft’ in the range of 20,000 at a time, give or take. This was the person who had very popular ideas and policy positions. In polls where there was no mention of names or party affiliations, these ideas are/were LOVED by most Americans.

Do you recall a person of that description saying something like: “It’s too late for ESTABLISHMENT politics?” Need I really continue?

Americans are hurting and demanding that their voices be heard. Most are sick and tired of politics as usual and OWNED candidates on both sides who are beholden to their donors. When the population is angry and feeling marginalized they want to be validated and understood. Instead we heard how he could NEVER win in a general election match up against any of the opposing team. (Even though he consistently polled in double digits against the other team, mind you.) “He isn’t a real Democrat, he wants to spend too much money on infrastructure, he’s an angry wild-man, he doesn’t donate to the party, his supporters are all white Bernie Bros,” is what we were all fed by the corrupt corporate media.

So, in a time when Americans were begging for a change from corruption and establishment politicians they were GIVEN the choice of a total political insider with “credibility issues” and a man with absolutely no public policy experience whatsoever, with his own legal issues. This person is neither a Democrat or a Republican but is best described as a Nationalist, populist with authoritarian leanings. This is your creation corporate media. This is the person who got 2 BILLION in free advertising in order to fill the bank accounts of the owners of the media complex. “Let’s show an empty stage for hours rather than hearing from Bernie Sanders,” was an excellent idea.

That was brilliant! Way to go, you paid script-reading bubble dwellers! What a great idea to, in a time of anti-establishment sentiment, push the second most unpopular candidate in the history of the Republic. The first would be our President Elect, Donald J. Trump, just in case you were not aware.

Neither candidate was vetted properly because the media is too busy making money and toeing the line of their owners, which would be the corporations.

For those of us who eschew such goings on these days and take in independent media sources who actually report the truth, this was no surprise. Those outlets actually sent REPORTERS out to middle America to get a feel for the electorate. (They did not simply plunk some paid pundits around a table to “discuss” the state of the nation/election.) We clearly saw that a Trump presidency was “inevitable” which I seem to recall was the word used to describe the opposing candidate but I digress.

I love (?) how all of these stupid Washington pundits and other media elite are just so taken aback by this. “How did this happen? We didn’t see this coming—Oh dear me how did we get this so very wrong?”

So, calm down and take a deep breath. The nation is in distress but we can NO longer fight with each other along partisan lines. This is what the real puppet masters want. They want us to take our eye of the focus and simply scream about the different parties. Don’t fall for it.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Either outcome was going to send people to the streets in protest.

Let’s keep an eye on just who/whom DJT appoints to different posts and then we can all judge if he is really wanting to clean up Washington or if it is politics as usual. I don’t want to see one person associated with Wall Street or special interest groups swept. (Too late, by the by.)

I do NOT blame people for voting against the machine of our current system at all so let’s be clear.

The D and the R parties are both corrupt and beholden to their donors. If a president has a D behind his name, like Obama for instance, those who would normally freak out due to over-reach, NSA spying, dropping drones, etc., seem to accept all of that because, he’s a Democrat, after all. The same goes for the supposed “other side” as well. Wake up! The parties are both hideously corrupt and we need real, legitimate change in this country.

Perhaps a President Trump will make this happen but I’m highly skeptical due to the establishment same old same old that we have seen for YEARS.

Stop being taken aback and clutching pearls because Donald Trump won. If you could step outside of your insulated bubbles for five minutes you would have seen this coming like the inevitable freight train. STOP being divided over political parties and the adoration of politicians and let us discuss ISSUES ONLY for once in my life-time. With that, I’m off to protest the TPP.


P.S. Please put on your agenda to peruse a paper from another country from time to time and for heaven’s sake, turn off the telly “news.” “Democracy Now” and “The Young Turks” are two independent media outlets. By the by, racism has now been given a green light and children in schools who happen to be brown are terrified. Thank you establishment for demanding that we bow down to YOUR candidate—I’m talking to you fake liberal democrats.