This is going to be the strangest piece to date. It will not be lengthy. It will not be entertaining but it WILL be informative.

You see while the nation has been transfixed by mainstream news outlets featuring all Trump all the time, actual numbers and information have been grossly (and possibly purposely) hidden from public view.

Ever since Secretary Clinton “swept” those all important southern RED states in the primary, ALL regular CORPORATE media (CM) have stepped up the marginalization of Senator Sanders. This all unfolds as they blather on incessantly about how electable and inevitable HRC is.

Here are the most recent poll numbers from “Real Clear Politics.” Now, this organization takes in polling from many different outlets and then does an average. For instance, they will have results from CNN, USA Today, etc., and then they average it all out for our better understanding.

This is called the RCP average, which clearly means the Real Clear Politics Average. The following numbers represent GENERAL election results. You know, the general election in which HRC is being portrayed as the ONLY one who can defeat the other side of the aisle.

Keep in mind other than imparting the police report monthly, I usually don't deal with numbers in this space. Cut me some slack as I will do my best to list this jazz.

Here is a key of sorts: HRC=Hillary Clinton, T=Donald Trump, Cruz=Ted Cruz, Rubio-=Marco Rubio, K=John Kasich and BS=Bernie Sanders.

Let us begin. HRC 45.4, T 42 - Spread HRC + 3.4. HRC 45, Cruz 46.5 – Spread Cruz +1.5. HRC 43.5 Rubio 48.5 – Spread Rubio +5.0. HRC 40.3 K 47.7 – Spread K + 7.4.

Wow this is kind of difficult. Now here are the Sanders everyone results: BS 49.8, T 41.8 – Spread BS + 8.0. BS 50, Cruz 40.3 – Spread BS + 9.7. BS 47.3, Rubio 44 – Spread BS + 3.3. BS 43.0, K 42.5 – Spread BS + 0.5.

Whew! Now, do you notice anything in the above other than the fact that I stink at doing this kind of thing? Bernie Sanders actually beats Donald Trump by a higher margin than HRC and beats all others whilst HRC does NOT.

Isn't our CM delightful? Do you think they want a Bernie Sanders win for any reason under the sun? Do you think the super wealthy talking heads and script readers want to pay higher taxes? Hmm.

Here are some other random numbers just for fun. When I'm done I will tell you what they are all about Alfie. Sorry, I slipped.

27,500, 28,000, 10,000, 8,000, 20,000, 14,000, 6,000 and 32,000. These are just a few examples of the crowd sizes BS has been drawing in. Some of the numbers were taken from the summer and some are from after Super Tuesday.

Just one more for fun: $43 million – this is the amount of dough raised by the Sanders campaign in the month of February. If you had that kind of money in the bank would you casually toss in the towel so that the “inevitable one” could march on to the general? Would you do so knowing full well that she doesn't fare as well in said general?

It is truly a sad and dangerous state of affairs when huge media conglomerates that are clearly a part of the establishment get away with this ^@%$#.

It took a former Republican candidate to do what the press should have done 8 months ago, which is to impart some kind of factual data about “The Donald.”

Why haven't members of the supposed media unearthed the details about our dear Drumpf? Just in case you are wondering, that is the actual family name of that TREMENDOUS orange candidate. If you don't believe me, just carry out a simple Google search on that very old fashioned piece of equipment called a computer. Mind you, this is the same creature who took Jon Stewart to task because his family changed their surname to Stewart. JS is Jewish and many families did so due to the widespread antisemitism of that day. It was about time for me to kind of digress for the sake of my own sanity.

In closing I shall leave you with one more number which is 0. This represents the number of times any “newstainment” outlet mentioned the marches for “the other” candidate. These took place all over the nation but I'm certain you have never heard word one about it, unless you too have unplugged from the fake media.

This is a headline from U.S. Uncut from February 27: “Media blackout as thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters march in 45 cities.” If those were Tea Party rallies Fox “News” would have been all over them like white on rice.

If you are not irate about this lack of coverage then I just don't know what to say. With that I shall now exit. I will make an attempt to calm down by next week but I am not making any promises.