WARNING: The following content isn't pleasant at times and is geared toward grown ups. Not that I picture many children reading this weekly punishment but for once I feel that I should seriously prepare you. I am not being sarcastic which, in itself, should be a major headline. Also, I beg you to carry out some light research if you are still a doubter after reading this.


I know some people don't care for columns of a more political nature. I just refuse to go another week without saying something about a pressing issue that is more than disturbing. Sorry in advance but I simply have to do this. Here I go...

Back in the olden days when I professed “libertarianism,” and would watch Fox News, (hence forth known as FPM, which will be explained later), many of my friends would point things out to me that I just did not understand.

For example, a dear life-long cohort used to say that some of the personalities on FPM were dangerous. He didn't mean that Bill O'Reilly was known for going on stabbing sprees—actually that kind of activity is more Dr. Ben Carson's cup o' tea but I digress.

I guess I didn't fully comprehend how dangerous rhetoric could be. For the life of me I do not know why, since a certain historical figure used it to his great advantage.

People who otherwise lived peacefully with Jewish neighbors became brainwashed against them in the end, due to the perpetual barrage of hot air in their midst.

I don't like to pull the Hitler card. In fact, I don't think I have ever done such a thing in this space until now. I get sick of reading about how John Doe is comparable to Hitler; how Person A is acting “Hitleresque” and all of that male bovine excrement.

However, I had to utilize the “Card O' Hit” just this one time. Please don't hold it against me. Also, for some reason that still baffles me, I have ascertained that true FPM fans take it quite personally when the network is attacked. I mean, it is really something to behold but I suppose mind control can lead to such shenanigans.

This past summer when that video “sting” came out about Planned Parenthood, I thought something sounded fishy. I leaped into action, like the FTD Man, and began to unearth the story. (I cannot imagine that anyone is clueless about the PP “scandal” and I refuse to explain the whole story, for those reasons. I have faith that you have, at the very least, heard about this in passing.)

My first clue was the amount of money that was supposedly changing hands for “illegal organ harvesting.” When I would hear or read that the videos mentioned “anywhere from $30 to $100,” I figured something was amiss.

I should mention quickly that the fact finding mission took me approximately 15 minutes on internet searches from reliable sources. Clearly, FPM was not one of them.

I'm sure many of you realize that organs sold on the black market bring in a tad more than $30 to $100.

Moving along, it has become abundantly clear to me that not only is FPM, (Fox Propaganda Machine), engaging in rhetoric but it is also adding to dangerous misinformation being taken to heart.

Ever single day I see the results when I read various opinions on that horrific shooting that took place on Black Friday at a PP facility in Colorado Springs.

In case you didn't know this, the money that was discussed in the extremely edited videos was not for the sale of “body parts.” It was, in reality, reimbursement for costs associated with preserving and transporting TISSUE. You know, the kind of tissue that has been utilized for medical research for decades.

The organization that carried out the sting was NOT a part of the medical field in any way, shape or form.

More than five states carried out investigations and no wrongdoing was found at all. Mind you, several of these were very red states like Indiana, for example. That's it, Fort Pitt. PP did not sell “baby parts” but this didn't stop Fox News from continuing on with the false narrative.

Bill O'Reilly had this to say AFTER the shooting and months after PP was cleared by Congressional hearings.

“Planned Parenthood officials are blaming the killings on harsh criticism directed at the organization after undercover video tapes exposed the sales of aborted baby body parts.” Directly after that, he showed a clip of Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Rocky Mountains Planned Parenthood. She talked about how a negative environment has been created around the work that PP does, etc. His response was this and keep in mind again that the videos were debunked and Congress found that nothing illegal had happened. Also remember that several state investigations turned up nothing evil going on. Here we go: “What Miss Cowart does not say is that Planned Parenthood is in the BABY BODY PARTS business and DESERVES much of the harsh criticism directed toward it.” (Emphasis mine – even though Billy did raise his voice during those parts of the statement.)

First of all, I am still waiting for this particular loon to be taken to task for his other blatant lies over the years but, I digress again. Second of all, if people cannot see how this downright non data cannot lead to acts of violence then I simply do not know what else to say. Shocking as it is I am at a loss for words but I will try to press on, much to your delight, I'm certain.

Before I continue, I must state emphatically that I get how people are responsible for their own actions. However, if you take a person who is also mentally unstable and expose him/her to made up nonsense, it can influence him/her. (Keep in mind that the PP shooter mumbled something about there being “no more baby parts” when he was taken into custody.)

Not only does Bill O LIE but this happens throughout the day over at FPM. One person will pick up on some kind of false narrative and it permeates all of the opinion shows and the supposed “real news.”

Folks, as I said above, this has not a thing to do with being for or against abortion. I understand that many fine citizens are opposed to the procedure and I'm not here to say who is right or wrong.

What I am here to say is this: Please back away from Fox News. I implore you to gather actual information from real news sources. Their counterfeit tales are dangerous and are causing harm to people. If for no other reason, simply do it because study after study has shown that Fox viewers are less knowledgeable about what is happening around them than are people who watch NO news at all.

If you don't believe me then check it out for yourselves. I've said this before but do not be afraid to go against what FPM says and what others say. Look things up on Media Matters, for one of MANY examples. They take everyone to task over there, contrary to what the talking liars at FPM will lead you to believe.

I'm sorry but I couldn't let another week go by without stating my honest opinion about this. The more informed and educated a society is, the better. I promise you if you look into things, you will better understand how their business plan works. If you have some time on your hands, please consider watching “Outfoxed, Rupert Murdoch's war on Journalism,” on You Tube. It is quite telling. (Now that I ponder, take a look at some non corporate news if you can. There are problems with all agencies due to ownership at the very top of the food chain.)