Preliminary Fair Week Facts

Welcome. Boy, am I tired.

As of this writing, Fallowfield United Methodist Church bakers made approximately 1,247 pies. But the fair week isn’t over yet. I’ll give you a final count next week. We’ve had hard-working volunteers at bakes and the pie booth, I can tell you. I’ve chaired three bakes; Thursday morning’s bake was cancelled because we had too many pies at the fair already.

During one of my 10:30 a.m. bakes, eight people sat and shelled a gallon bag of elderberries. It took more than two hours. Please, please understand: if we ran out of elderberry pie before you made it to the fair, it’s because they’re so hard to find and they’re so much work.

I waited tables at the fair booth the first Saturday of the fair. God surely provided customers. I arrived at 4:45 p.m. and never had a chance to sit and eat my sloppy joe and blueberry pie until 8 p.m. I heard Monday was absolutely crazy. Senior Citizen days are always busy, but Monday may have been a record-breaking day. I should be able to update you next week.

My mom went to the For King & Country, Building 429, and Jordan Feliz concert on August 23. She really enjoyed it. She said Joel and Luke Smallbone of For King & Country came out into the audience and sang to individual audience members. Cool! I’m so glad the fair board invited Christian groups to the fair again this year.

Once again, friends and neighbors came out in force to help both at pie bakes and the fair booth. My elementary school gym teacher and his wife helped make cherry pie filling, blackberry pie filling, and washed dishes. The daughter of the lady whose raisin pie recipe we still use came down from Greenville to help shell elderberries and mix pie filling. Her sister-in-law, for whom my church family has prayed many years, felt well enough to come shell elderberries, too. God is so faithful to Fallowfield. I am continually amazed by his provision, especially during fair week.

I’ll update you with final totals next week. Blessings!