Pool Time

Welcome to another week! Are you enjoying the hot weather? It surely makes for great swimming. I’ve already had the chance to swim several times this summer, and it feels great. Summer just isn’t summer without pool time.

When I was a kid I spent most summers in my parents’ inground pool. The summer I remember best was 1988, when we had a drought. Remember that? We didn’t have air conditioning, so our only relief was jumping in the pool. My brother, sister, and I would eat cereal then swim for an hour or so. After we got tired we’d dry off and watch “Mr. Rodgers” or whatever show came in clearly on our aerial antenna.

We’d eat a sandwich, then jump back into the bathing temperature water and swim until we felt waterlogged. After supper, we’d take another dip.

You can imagine how tan my skin was. This was before we worried about sun exposure, folks.

That summer we had to conserve water for the first time in my life. Grass and leaves turned brown. Mom and Dad worried our well would run dry. But as he always does, God took care of us. Our well didn’t dry up.

Summer was always my favorite time of year, but it was so blasted hot that summer that I couldn’t wait for cool days and cold nights. For the first time in my life fall sounded like a relief.

My grass is still mostly green, even though we haven’t had a whole lot of rain this summer. No matter how hot it gets I can always remind myself that at least it’s not as hot as the summer of ’88.

One good way to cool off is going to Waldameer Park and Water World. Fallowfield United Methodist Church is planning a day at Waldameer on July 13. We always reserve a pavilion and everyone brings picnic food. I really like Waldameer. It’s such a family-friendly place.

If you’re looking for some good summer food, why not stop by Wesbury’s 27th Annual Chicken Barbeque and Craft Fair? It will be Sunday, July 19, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Barbeque chicken and baby back rib dinners will be on sale. They will also sell homemade pies donated by Fallowfield United Methodist Women. Did you catch that? You can get a piece of Fallowfield pie a whole month before the Crawford County Fair.

The meal costs $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children ten years and younger. A car show, kids zone, crafts and live entertainment are available all day. All proceeds benefit Wesbury’s residents.

Sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon and support a good cause. And you just might get a piece of scrumptious pie in the deal.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!