Vacation Bible School Fun in Fallowfield

Welcome to another week!

Fallowfield United Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School was a huge success. Thank you so much for your prayers. I was thrilled to see 50-plus kids smiling and enjoying themselves while learning about Jesus. It was a surfing-themed program, and all the lessons focused on water. First was creation, when God separated the land from the sea. Baby Moses’ ride down the Nile River in a basket was second. Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River his calming the storm comprised the third and fourth lessons.

The kids sang pop songs about God’s love and faithfulness, played games such as throwing water balloons at each other, ate story-themed snacks, and had their Bible lesson each night. My favorite story-themed snack was a cup of blue Jell-O with a mandarin orange pierced by a toothpick flag. It looked like a boat on the water. It was great. The kids also made beautiful ceramic crafts.

I led the music. Singing comes naturally to me, but doing the motions was rough. I asked some of the better sixth-grade dancers to please sign up as music helpers next year. That way someone who can actually dance can help them learn the motions.

We always pray that these kids will give their hearts to Jesus and follow him their whole lives.

I’m sorry to tell you that Brenda Stuyvesant Goldner passed away two weeks ago. Brenda grew up across the street from me in Adamsville. She was a gentle, kind person. My cousin lived with us when I was young, and the Stuyvesant girls were friends of hers. We saw a lot of Brenda. She babysat my sister and me when we were toddlers. Please join me in praying for her family. Thank you.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!