Vacation Bible School in Fallowfield

Welcome to another week! This is the first week of summer vacation for most kids in the Atlantic community. If they’re already telling you they’re bored, I have the cure: vacation Bible school.

Fallowfield United Methodist Church will host vacation Bible school June 20 through 24 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. This year’s theme is Surf Shack, where kids can catch the wave of God’s amazing love. All children from ages three through 12 are invited. The closing program will be on Friday night at 7 p.m. A hot dog roast and picnic will follow.

If your children, grandchildren, or neighbors would like to come, you can bring them to the church any night during VBS around 5:40 or 5:45 to register. There will be a table with volunteers ready to take your information.

Expect a Bible lesson, craft, pop-style music, outdoor games (weather permitting), and snack every night. Kids will also receive a CD of the Bible school songs on Monday night so they can practice at home.

We will be collecting money for Karie Temple-Bloom and Zane Bloom, who are planning a three-year mission trip to South Africa. All donations will go straight to the Blooms’ missionary fund.

We always have a boys'-verses-girls’ competition for donations. It’s lots of fun. See, we have an old-fashioned money scale with coffee cans attached to hooks. Some kids bring in sandwich bags full of change. Others toss in 20 dollar bills, usually provided by grandmas and grandpas. It’s cute to see one side of the scale totally perpendicular to the ground, weighed down with coins.

At the closing program kids will sing and dance their Bible school songs, wearing the tie-dyed shirts our wonderful craft team makes every year.

Many kids only come to church for Bible school.

I’ve been involved with Fallowfield’s Bible school since 2008. We’ve averaged 65 to 100 kids per night, but very few of these children regularly attend church. VBS is the only exposure many children in the Atlantic community have to Jesus. We plan on offering an altar call.

I ask your prayers for this potentially life-changing week. Please pray kids open their hearts to Jesus. And please pray they’ll make VBS a priority. Sports often interfere with Bible school. Thanks.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!