Cold and Bright

Welcome to another week!

Brr! I hope you’re staying safe and warm. Last Thursday was so cold that it took me an hour to warm up after standing outside for only ten minutes. In weather like this, I thank God for a warm house.

I finally took down my Christmas decorations last Monday. It’s always tough to put away the Christmas tree and sparkling decorations. I especially hate losing the beautiful light the tree casts.

I invested in a pencil tree on December 28 and put it up after I took down the Christmas tree. It’s four feet tall, skinny, and is adorned with warm white lights. That’s it. No ornaments, no tinsel, no star. This way I can enjoy the warm, soothing tree lights for the next few months.

I’m leaving my outdoor lights up until Candlemas on February 2. I much prefer honoring Candlemas to remembering a rodent from Punxsutawney.

Candlemas is an ancient holiday observed in Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. It recognizes Jesus’ presentation at the Temple in Jerusalem when he was 40 days old. It also reminds Christians that Jesus is the light of the world. Winter is a dark season, and remembering Jesus as the light giver is even more powerful in February than it would be in June.

What do candles have to do with this? Priests blessed all candles that were to be used in the church during that year on February 2. Candles were precious before electric lights were invented.

Kennard United Methodist Church’s monthly breakfast is scheduled for February 8, at 8 a.m. I hope you’ll stop by for a hot breakfast.

Fallowfield United Methodist Church will make and sell chicken pies on February 8, and February 22. This annual United Methodist Women fundraiser benefits missions.

Fallowfield United Methodist is holding its annual Souper Sunday on February 2, after Sunday school. There will be several homemade soups to choose from and there will be ice cream and different sundae toppings for dessert.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!