Cold weather

Welcome to another week! Hope you stayed warm and safe during the polar vortex. I hope you didn’t get stuck on the roads, either.

Pennsylvania weather is so weird. It was 37 degrees Sunday night, in the single digits Monday, and -15 degrees Tuesday afternoon. Three days later, it was 46 degrees and raining. Crazy!

We certainly experience all four seasons in the Atlantic community. We may even have five. I think someone should name the cold, gray, rainy and muddy days of March and April as a separate season.

Winter can be a dangerous season for the elderly. Please call or visit your older neighbors and relatives, especially during dangerously cold weather.

I heard on the radio that more than 200 homeless people packed the Cleveland City Mission last Tuesday, when it was -15 degrees.

I am prayerfully considering donating to this mission. I hate imagining myself and my family out in the cold.

Please pray for the road crews. It’s been a snowy fall and winter so far.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? One of the best ideas I heard this year was reading the Bible every day. There are so many reading plans available, from One Year Bibles to printed daily Scripture readings online. I hope you’ll add this to your 2014 goal list.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!