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No tax increase seen in Conneaut budget
Written by David Schaef

No tax increase is being planned in the budget for the Conneaut School District for the year that begins July 1.

Preliminary budget figures, as reviewed at a school board work session Tuesday, March 14, revealed a starting budget that shows a deficit of about $1.7 million, much like a year ago.

The preliminary budget is a compiling of wants, wishes and needs by staff throughout the district that then is put into a budget document with over 2,300 entries and is reviewed by the school board’s budget committee of Jody Sperry, Dot Luckock, and David Schaef, who along with Schools Superintendent Jarrin Sperry, and business manager Greg Mayle, go line by line while meeting with department heads, principals, and others to settle on a final product that will be approved in June.

School board members present at the March 14 meeting, besides Sperry, Luckock and Schaef, included Kathy Klink, Cheryl Krachkowski, Tim McQuiston, Don Ellis, Jr., and Jamie Hornstein. John Burnham was absent.

Mayle’s presentation showed expenses in the range of $39.6 million while revenues are projected at $37.9 million, an increase in spending of about $1.7 million.

That amount also includes a $250,000 expense in retrofitting the former vo-ag area at Conneaut Valley Middle School into a satellite classroom of the Crawford County Career & Technical Center [vo-tech] into a welding classroom.

Some 41 students were on a welding waiting list this past fall at the CTC, a profession with good pay and good job future.

Conneaut has stepped up and proposes to front the money for the upgrades to - See Budget page 11


Sadsbury needs offiffi ce clerk, plans for Wolf Island house discussed
Written by David Schaef

Sadsbury Township supervisors are seeking a part-time clerk to help out in the township office, the supervisors reported at their March meeting held March 14. Interested persons need contact the township office for details.

Of more interest was the supervisors’ - See Wolf Island page 13


Wallace Avenue Bridge not being replaced Supervisors angry over PennDOT plans
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held the March public meeting, with Supervisor George Greig leading the salute to the American flag. Supervisors Josh Fusco and Timothy Greig were in attendance. Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 2 citizens present.

There was a brief review of the February meeting minutes, and the receipts and expenditures before they were all approved.

There was no Public Comment.

Supervisor George Greig began the Road Report by announcing his and the Board’s severe disgruntlement over the ongoing issue of the local Wallace Avenue Bridge, and the latest developments pertaining to this issue.

This bridge is currently closed.

A special informational meeting was held at Conneaut Township, on March 9, with PennDOT Project Manager Tom Alcorn, and Brian Yedinak, the Assistant District Designer, present.

Also present at the meeting were Mike Heaney and Kevin McGrath from Linesville Borough, Tom Robinson and Bill Mickle from the LVFD, Pam Weidner from Anderson Bus Company, Zachary Norwood from the Crawford County Planning Commission, and John Thayer and Bryce Denison, concerned citizens.

The Conneaut Township Supervisory Board and Secretary Telce Varee were also present.

The township was planning on doing bridge reconstruction themselves, and had done research for costs and timing.

The township engineers, the EADS Group, was the engineer slated to do those pertinent studies.

Then PennDOT entered the picture with a plan to offer the township on reconstructing the bridge; they had given the township information regarding costs and timing.

PennDOT had announced the availability of funding, and stated they would be doing construction “in house.”

Conneaut Township had subsequently- To Wallace pg. 5


Code offiffi cial’s drone crashes, good weather use planned
Written by Roseanne Staab

North Shenango Township held the March public meeting with Supervisor Dan Dickey leading the salute to the American flag. Supervisor Eloise Settlemyre was in attendance and Supervisor Bill Emerick was in attendance via telephone. Secretary Donna Kean took the minutes and there were 4 citizens present.

There was no Public Comment.

For the Code Report, Code Officer Don Ott began by announcing that his drone surveillance of local blighted properties never got off the ground, literally.

- See Crash page 2

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