Think twice

...and on the eighth day God created the horse in perfect image, to romp, graze, gallop, play and make manure wherever it darn well pleases, in divine grace.

Think twice

I know that economic times are tough and that I am on the soap box preaching about spay and neuter for animals.

This can be expensive, especially if you live out in the country on back roads where people dump them off, but did you know that one of the unfortunate outcomes for many stray dogs and cats is to end up in laboratory testing for corporations?

There are actually vans that ride around in big cities, gathering stray animals and turning them over to laboratories for cash. Sometimes these are people’s pets who got loose.

Others go to shelters and pounds to purchase animals, and turn them over for cash; there are also mills that provide animals for this purpose.

The never-ending supply of strays keeps this practice ongoing.

Many animals are poked, prodded, burned or injected, as companies test new chemicals, cosmetics, laundry detergent, drugs or even toys with active parts.

The fact that animals are given such little regard is a direct reflection on society itself, in my opinion.

When you read about children being abducted, abused and murdered in the newspaper, why would anyone give a stray dog a thought?

There is cell- research technology available now to test new products, the use of live creatures is outdated.

It wouldn’t appear to serve any good purpose for testing new products anyway, when the FDA or the government gives the green light to move forward on marketing unsafe products to the public.

Take the Ford Pinto, the DePuy hip transplants, and the trans-vaginal mesh, to mention just three.

These companies knew full well what was happening, only several months in to marketing them; Ford Pinto’s were blowing up, hip transplants were corroding and the vaginal mesh was deteriorating and causing infection.

Doctors pleaded with the FDA, warning them in reports on product performance and patient recovery; these doctors were either ordered to be quiet or to revise their reports.

Some doctors simply quit trying.

I guess when so much money is involved, people’s lives do not matter to corporations, the risk is worth it.

But, wait a minute- - didn’t the US Supreme Court rule that..."corporations are people..."?

You figure this one out, I am polishing up my soap box for another round.

I believe a voluntary moratorium on all animal breeding is in order.

The horse market continues to hit new lows on good quality animals, and you can’t give purebred dogs and cats away.

I still believe in the Curing of breeding good qualities in, and do not breed sub-standard animals at all.

Again, these "designer dogs," of pairing two different breeds and coming up with some fabulous new breed for hundreds or thousands of dollars...they’re mutts!

Meanwhile, there’s some poor scoundrel down at the pound right now just hoping someone will take him home and love him.

Being uneducated is part of the problem, information on caring for animals like good food, clean water and a clean bed are never in school curriculums, nor is explaining why pet overpopulation is not good.

When you are in your nice warm house, with your hot food and nice warm bed, perhaps you should ponder this dilemma.

Natural disasters occur, sometimes giving people a glimpse of how good they really had it, but not a whole lot of people stop to consider how lucky it is to have the basic necessities of life.

A lot of misery suffered by animals could end simply by controlling the overpopulation, through spay and neuter.

I’m saying think twice, make that effort– get your pet spayed, tomorrow.

When I watched the Presidential Debates, or see them stumping or picking at each other, I realize I am in that 47%.

I’m certainly not in the upper 1%, and as far as I’m concerned, neither candidate gives a lick about any one of us.

Since I don’t see either of them saying, "I’m bringing the jobs back from China, with wages that are at a standard where you can make a living...," I know I will not see any money going towards education for the public on proper care and upkeep of animals.

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo,

catch the Devil by his toe...

Until next week, here are the immortal words of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, "Happy Trails to You."