Headlines for April 3, 2017

State tightens school entry requirements
Written by David Schaef

New state rules are in place, based on Pennsylvania Department of Health action, for student immunization regulations and entry into school.

Effective August 1, 2017, schools must comply with the regulations. The new regulations keep in effect existing exemptions to immunizations for medical, religious or philosophical reasons.

According to information published in the Pennsylvania School Board’s Association March/April Bulletin - “Under the new law, the provisional waiver of eight months for school children to be fully immunized is reduced to five school days. the student must obtain the next or final dose within that five-day window or risk being excluded from school. However, the student may attend school provisionally beyond the five days if he or she submits a medical certificate from a health care provider [physician, certified nurse practitioner or a physician assistant[ outlining the dates for additional vaccination.

If the student has not received all of the doses for a multiple dose vaccine series on his or her first day of attendance for that school, the school administrator or a designee [school nurse] may not provisionally admit that student unless the five-day rule can be met or a medical certificate is provided. Students who have not received a single dose vaccine on their first day of attendance for that school year may not be admitted to school.

The new law also requires students to have one additional dose of meningococcal vaccine before entry into 12th grade.

School administrators or designees must review medical certificates for student compliance every 30 days, instead of 60 days. Also, schools now have until Dec. 31, to report immunizations date to the Department of Health.

Students who are homeless as defined under the McKinney Vento Act are excluded from these rules. Also, children, transferring from outside the state as well as children in foster care will have 30 days to provide a medical certificate.”


Road issues in S. Shenango
Written by Roseanne Staab

South Shenango Township met for the March meeting with Supervisors Joe Livingston and Jim Slozat in attendance. Supervisor Mike Richter was absent. Secretary Cathryn Amon took the minutes and there were 3 citizens present.

The February meeting minutes were briefly reviewed and approved, and Cathryn Amon read the Treasurer’s Report aloud before it was also approved.

For Public Comment, two people stood to talk to the Board about a road in the Lakeview Estates Allotment area.

A road where their house is situated is not a township road, and the house is at the very edge of the allotment.

The road is obscure and the township does not do maintenance on it.

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