State budget skimpy on school assistance

The state budget stalemate in Harrisburg - the Republican-controlled House and Senate passing a state budget for the year that began July 1, and the Governor, a Democrat, vetoing the budget - did not help local school districts very much.

Local House Republican representative Parke Wentling and State Senator Michelle Brooks issued statements following the House and Senate votes indicating their support of a budget focusing on priorities of educating children, protecting taxpayers [no new taxes were included in the budget] and having a balanced budget plan.

According to a press release by Wentling, following the House approval of a budget, the Conneaut School District would receive an additional $134,028 in new basic education funding.

Thus it can be argued that the state budget does increase funding, but the argument would be is it adequate?

The school district is looking at an increase in pension payments of $548,676 over last year which saw an increase near $575,000 - an increase of over $1,000,000 in two years.

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