Headlines for November 27, 2017

Conneaut wins grant to cover police salary
Written by David Shaef

HARRISBURG – Rep. Parke Wentling (R-Crawford/Erie/Lawrence/Mercer) announced numerous schools in the 17th District received funding through the Department of Education’s Safe Schools Equipment Grant program including the Conneaut School District which will use the funds to cover the cost of the district’s police officer.

“This grant funding to our local schools will better help administrators protect our children,” Wentling said. “Protecting our children so they can learn in a safe environment is of the utmost importance,” said Wentling.

Conneaut schools received funding through the Safe Schools School Police/Resource Officer Grant in the amount of $32,500.

The Safe Schools School Police/Resource Officer Grants are for two years and are intended to be used for the training and compensation of school resource officers and school police officers.

The school district sent home letters and made other contact with parents when a Conneaut Lake Middle School student came down with a confirmed case of chicken pox.

Letters were sent home with students, and calls were being made to those families that have not immunized their children against the Chicken Pox virus.

The school district further made efforts to contact parents through Facebook, School Messenger, and person to person phone calls.

Chickenpox is very contagious — most kids with a sibling who’s infected also will get it (if they haven’t already had the disease or the vaccine), showing symptoms about 2 weeks after the first child does.

The chickenpox virus spreads both through the air (by coughing and sneezing) - See Pox page 20


Sadsbury opts out of casino, approves tax increase for 2018
Written by Roseanne Staab

Sadsbury Township held the November public meeting with Supervisors Kevin VanHonk, Lyle Hoovler, and Bonnie Smith in attendance. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes and there were 2 citizens present.

All stood to salute the American flag.

For the Road Report, Road Master Mark Sobieski began with clean-up reports from recent storms and tornadoes that ripped through the area on a recent Sunday night. Sticks and branches were strewn on roadways and catch basins were clogged with debris.

Replacements of Stop signs took place with Sobieski noting that one sign had been twisted 90 degrees due to the strong storms.

Grading, brining, berming, and spray patching of several roads took place.

New LED lights were installed at the traffic signal on Rts. 322 and 18.

Sobieski attended a Safety Webinar.

Trucks #5 and #6 had the front hub assemblies and bushings replaced. Truck #2 had the pipes repaired, and it was oil undercoated for the winter, as were all other township trucks.

The sandhopper is installed on a truck for winter road maintenance.

Truck #7 had the brakes serviced, and the snowplow has been installed on it.

Beaver issue

Sobieski revisited the ongoing beaver dam issue in the township.

The baby beavers have grown up and - See Beaver page 5


Conneaut Twp. supervisors pounded on sewage issue and enforcement
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held the November public meeting with Supervisors George Greig, Timothy Greig, and Josh Fusco in attendance. Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 3 citizens present. All stood to salute the American flag.

Insurance agent Dan Petruso and his protégé stood to talk to the Board about the insurance policies and rates for the township.

Mike Kneidinger will be taking over the duties of Petruso, who is retiring.

Policies for Inland Marine, Buildings, Property, Tools and Equipment, Policy and Decision of officials while in office, General Liability, Enhancements, and 5 truck/ equipment units under the Auto Policy were all discussed.

There is also an Umbrella Policy and Workman’s Compensation.

Dan Petruso thanked Conneaut Township for their patronage over the years; “Thanks for everything,” he said.

Moving on, for Public Comment, a man stood and proceeded to engage a video recorder, and to voice a complaint he had brought to the Board at the October public meeting.

The man has an issue with CT Sewage Enforcement Officer, Mike Rinkevich, in that the man claims SEO Rinkevich approved the site of a sewage tank on a home site and is now ordering it to be removed.

The man is angry that he was approved for installation of the sewage tank, and is now being ordered to remove it.

He stated he has attempted several times to contact SEO Rinkevich, but that Rinkevich is never available and does not return telephone calls.

The man also stated he was not in possession of a yellow card Appeals - See Card page 9

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