Budget process begins in Conneaut

The budget process has begun in the Conneaut School District as the school board’s budget and fiance committee held their first session last week and figures began to trickle down from the state as to what kind of support the district might receive in the year beginning July 1.

Governor Tom Wolf gave his budget address that proclaimed increases in state support for basic education and special education - many state representatives and senators jumping on the band wagon of increased support - but as always the details are in the figures.

Wolf proposed a basic education funding increase of $100 million statewide and a special education funding increase of $25 million.

Lost in that flag waving - while every increase is appreciated as school districts battle increased costs - is the fact that the proposal is to take away some support for transportation costs and flat fund career and technical centers [vo-techs].

Early State Department of Education figures show Conneaut would receive an increase of $103, 094 in basic education and an increase of $30,017 in special education, a overall increase of $133,111.

No figures were available as to what will be taken away in transportation noting the flat funding for career and technical monies.

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