Headlines for October 17, 2016

First payment in from CL Park lot sale
Written by David Schaef

Finally after nearly 3 and 1/2 months, the Crawford County treasurer is dispersing the money paid for the first lot sold at Conneaut Lake Park - part of the plan to pay back taxes and other bills.

The Conneaut School District on Wednesday received a payment from the Tax Claim Bureau for the proceeds of the Lot 4 sale. $124,221.64 was distributed to the School District and $105,214.29 to the other taxing bodies - Summit and Sadsbury Townships and Crawford County. Those three have been directed by the Tax Claim Bureau to forward the proceeds to the School District per the cost sharing agreement.

The School District fronted the money for the lawyer, etc. as the bankruptcy case proceeded against Conneaut Lake Park.

The county treasurer could have sent the two sums of money noted above to the school district and the school district could have then sent money to the three governments based on the agreement of shared costs. This way the three governments have to generate checks instead of simply receiving money due.


Traffic light will be replaced in Linesville
Written by David Schaef

The traffic light in Linesville will be replaced weeks down the road but never-the-less replaced.

As reported in last week’s edition, the traffic light came down as Russell Standard workers were replacing sidewalk at the intersection of North Mercer Street and the main Erie Street location.

The light has been replaced by stop signs for the time being with cones currently on the main street since regulations do not allow left turning lanes at intersections where stop signs are.

Linesville Borough Council spent an hour in work session Tuesday discussing the issue of should the traffic light be replaced or should stop signs be put in as the permanent solution. That discussion further included time at the regular borough council meeting that followed.

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