Headlines for April 20, 2015

Mayor’s vote dooms Pachuk building
Written by David Schaef

For a third straight week, Linesville Borough Council met in session and on Tuesday, April 14, at the regular council meeting, voted 3-3 to demolish the Pachuk Building on Linesville’s main street.

With one council member absent [Holly Miller, due to illness], the 3-3 vote was broken by Mayor Barry Chapin, who cast his tie breaking vote to demolish the Pachuk Building.

History will determine the wisdom of council’s choice while rejecting an offer by Ethan Jackman to take over the building owner David Pachuk was said to be willing to sign over - with Jackman willing to renovate the building, and seek tenants both commercial and residential, while paying back taxes and sewer liens owned and keeping current on those costs.

Voting to demolish the building were Laura Deal, Rodney Kovisto [present by telephone], and Mike Heaney; voting to allow the building to be saved were Randy Uplinger, Tom Deighton, and Kevin McGrath.

Chapin, in remarks during the meeting, said at one point if friendships were lost because of the vote then they were not friends.

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Summit supervisors note CL Park issues
Written by David Schaef

Summit Township supervisors held their April public meeting, with Supervisors Bill Agnew, Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith in attendance. Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes and there were no residents present. All stood to salute the American Flag.

The March meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

The Summit Safety Committee had held their meeting prior to the public meeting, and Pete Albaugh and Gig King stayed to talk to the Supervisors about a recent class they attended pertaining to PA Local Governmental Partnerships. The class was specifically for township supervisors and firefighters and EMS.

Pete Albaugh took the floor, stating that there are two problems facing volunteer fire departments at this time, money and personnel. There are not enough people volunteering at this time to fill positions at local fire departments, therefore, if a fire or disaster occurs, there is not enough manpower to cover what needs to be done.

The general public should become aware of this fact.

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