Headlines for Oct. 20, 2014

Summit supervisors get update on CL Park
Written by Roseanne Staab

Summit Township supervisors held their October public meeting with presiding Supervisors Bill Agnew, Harry McGrath and Jerauld Smith in attendance. Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes and there were 13 citizens present.

The September meeting minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

During Public Comment, a man asked Summit Solicitor William Walker for an update on Conneaut Lake Park and the impending Sheriff Sale.

Attorney Walker responded first by requesting an Executive Session near the end of the meeting to discuss this issue with the Supervisors.

He then addressed the man, informing him that the State Attorney General’s office had filed “Preliminary Objections,” but that everything was still proceeding toward the Sheriff Sale set for November 7.

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Sadsbury requests removal of objects in township road right-of-ways
Written by Roseanne Staab

Sadsbury Township supervisors held their October public meeting, with Supervisors Kevin VanHonk, Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith in attendance. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes.

The September meeting minutes were not prepared, therefore they were not reviewed.

There was no Public Comment.

Road Master Mark Sobieski gave the Road Report, informing the Board that citizens are leaving objects on the roadsides in front of their residences. Items such as portable basketball hoops, flower pots, rocks, rail road ties, marker sticks and steel rebar are being positioned within the township right-of-way, and could be safety hazards.

Sobieski stated that any items placed or left in the township right-of-way must be removed immediately. Snow plows can grab and hook items such as basketball hoops and steel rebar, and these can then be dragged down the street.

The Board expressed concern at this news, and consulted Solicitor R. Charles Thomas, who was present at the meeting. They wanted to know about liability issues and who would be responsible if someone got hurt, due to citizens leaving objects out near the street. They also wanted to know if they have the authority to remove any or all items positioned within the township right-of-way.

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