- David Schaef photo
SNOw ROLLERS - Area residents woke up to these “Snow Rollers” Monday morning, Jan. 27, an extremely rare event in Crawford County. Lifetime residents were heard to say they had never seen such a thing in all their 70 to 90 years of age here. Snow rollers are snowballs formed naturally as chunks of snow are blown across the ground by the wind and form into snowballs seen. They were in yards and fields, some small, some described like paint cans stuck out in the fields. To form, this rare phenomenon has to have snow cover, the top layer crusted over, thawed then frozen over again; then fresh snow needs to fall on top that thin icy layer during temps near freezing, then strong winds to get the balls rolling. winds were reported in excess of 35 miles per hour Sunday evening into Monday. Accord to reports, the snow rollers are more common in places like Minnesota and the Dakotas where gusty winds play a part. Some local snow rollers were reported to be a foot and more in diameter.