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School district to approve a no tax increase budget
Written by David Schaef

The Conneaut School Board of Directors is expected to approve a no tax increase budget for the year to begin July 1, when directors meet in voting session Wednesday evening.

The board, with 8 in attendance at its work session on May 6, Don Ellis, Jr., absent due to illness, listened to a presentation by district business manager Kara Onorato explaining the budget process to date that included five budget committee meetings since February 23 reviewing costs and budget requests, and administrative meetings asking department heads and principals to seek cuts in all budget areas. An additional meeting is set for today, Monday, for more review by budget committee members Jody Sperry, Dot Luckock, and David Schaef along with Onorato and Conneaut Schools Superintendent Jarrin Sperry with focus being on transportation.

The proposed budget calls for revenues of $35,415,323, up $174,447 over the current budget while expenses are pegged at $37,032,267, an increase of $1,644,872 over the current year.

Increases for the upcoming year include retirement/pension costs - a state wide problem - going up by $597,237, as the required state rate goes from 21.4% to 25.84%.

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Linesville makes Pachuk building payment
Written by David Schaef

Meeting in special session on Tuesday, May 5, Linesville Borough Council with 5 members present, council persons Randy Kovisto and Holly Miller absent as well as Mayor Barry Chapin, council voted to pay $70,200 towards the demolition of the Pachuk Building on its main street which has had the debris hauled away, the lot filled and work being done on two damaged windows on the house to the back of the building, along with siding repair up into the second floor, and sidewalk repairs being done, both along side the building on North Mercer Street, and in front on Erie Street.

A problem with the well that sat between the building and former gas station was noted. The 105 foot well [from the basement floor], despite a report elsewhere that a well was discovered, the well was known to be there throughout the process, and had not been capped and sealed previously, was filled in during the process overseen by a certified well inspector.

Some gas was smelled in the area but working with reps from County Fair/United Refinery, the matter was taken care by completing filling in the well casing with a limestone/gravel type material that fills in and absorbs water - according to DEP regulations.

Laura Deal made motion to pay the $70,200 with Deal, Kevin McGrath, Mike Heaney, and Tom Deighton voting yes, and Randy Uplinger casting a no vote.

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Tentative school budget is coming up
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut School Directors, as they meet in May sessions, will approve a tentative budget for the year to begin July 1.

The finance/budget committee has been meeting over the past several months going over budget detail line by line, meeting with heads of departments, principals, and others while trying to figure out what impact a new state budget may have as talk swirls in Harrisburg of increased support for schools but nothing written in stone.

A tentative budget must be approved in May and then advertised for 30 days for review and inspection by those interested and a final budget must be passed by a June 30 deadline.

Deadline for the state budget to begin July 1, is also June 30, but many times state budgets are not in place to allow timely approval of the local school budgets and so much guesswork is involved.

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Lake council wrestles with CLCDC plans, discussions become heated among members
Written by Roseanne Staab

The Conneaut Lake Borough Council held their April public meeting with Council members Bill Eldridge, John Chuey, Dick Holabaugh, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Penny Monahan, and Dwight Stallard in attendance. Council members Billy Paris and Mike Krepps were absent.

The Borough Accounting Firm, McGill, Power, Bell, & Associates, representative Bruce Lawrence, spoke to Council about the Borough’s books.

All is in order, and Mr. Lawrence read a review and held a discussion on Municipal Accounting Practices. These pertained to the size of the Borough, fixed assets, receipts and expenditures, expenses during the fiscal year, cash in the General Fund, special revenue such as Liquid Fuels Allocations, Capital Projects and the grant funding with CLCDC, Real Estate and EI Taxes, dock rentals, service charges, unclassified operating revenue, public safety and public works, solid waste collections and streets.

Councilman Bill Eldridge had some questions on monetary savings in the Borough’s account.

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Township resident questions Amish store rumor
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held their April public meeting with Supervisors George Greig, Timothy Greig and Josh Fusco in attendance. Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 13 citizens present.

For Public Comment, someone asked about a rumor of an Amish country store possibly going in at the corner of Turkey Track and Airport Roads. No one knows for sure and the Board could not verify this information.

The motions carried to accept the March meeting minutes and pay all the bills.

For the Road Report, a 1992 water truck has been purchased at the Greater Erie Auto Auction for $5,720. There was an ad placed in the Meadville Tribune for $31.90 for the truck. The 1992 water truck has a pump and is a single axle with flood nozzles and is in good shape. The old 1985 Water truck was sent to 422 Auction and sold for $1,000. The auction house gets a reserve percentage of this and also charges a $75 fee.

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Written by David Schaef   
Monday, 27 April 2015 00:00


PACHUK BUILDING DEMOLITION - The Pachuk Building on Linesville’s main Erie Street was torn down Saturday, April 18, this a shot of the front of the former Woodard Building/Alpine McLane building coming down. Over the years, businesses such as a hardware store, a bowling alley, grocery store, barber shop, jewelry store, post office, and bait shop called the building home. More photos page 3.


Sadsbury has clean up, property Print E-mail
Written by Roseanne Staab   
Monday, 27 April 2015 00:00

Sadsbury Township supervisors held their April public meeting, with Supervisors Kevin VanHonk, Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith in attendance. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes and there was one citizen present.

For Public Comment, the man present asked the Board about some proposed boat slips at Conneaut Lake. He has some concerns and still wants to have access to the lake. The DEP has reviewed this proposal; no action was taken by the Board.

For the Road Report, Road Master Mark Sobieski began by stating that he and the SADS Road Crew are glad the snow is finished for the season. They have all been out fixing potholes and placing cold patch on black top. They are also maintaining gravel roads and are smoothing out the displaced gravel. A couple of the roads, including Townline, have become soft, thus requiring cones to placed in those areas. The road broom is being used to clean intersections and the Maintainer is in use. Roadside sods are being replaced that were cut up by the plow. A citizen was worried that sand would remain in his yard from the plow.

On Choctaw Circle there was sand displaced into a yard and some bushes were pushed over by the plow and heavy snow, but it appears the property owner there has fixed this situation himself.

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Mayor’s vote dooms Pachuk building
Written by David Schaef

For a third straight week, Linesville Borough Council met in session and on Tuesday, April 14, at the regular council meeting, voted 3-3 to demolish the Pachuk Building on Linesville’s main street.

With one council member absent [Holly Miller, due to illness], the 3-3 vote was broken by Mayor Barry Chapin, who cast his tie breaking vote to demolish the Pachuk Building.

History will determine the wisdom of council’s choice while rejecting an offer by Ethan Jackman to take over the building owner David Pachuk was said to be willing to sign over - with Jackman willing to renovate the building, and seek tenants both commercial and residential, while paying back taxes and sewer liens owned and keeping current on those costs.

Voting to demolish the building were Laura Deal, Rodney Kovisto [present by telephone], and Mike Heaney; voting to allow the building to be saved were Randy Uplinger, Tom Deighton, and Kevin McGrath.

Chapin, in remarks during the meeting, said at one point if friendships were lost because of the vote then they were not friends.

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Summit supervisors note CL Park issues
Written by David Schaef

Summit Township supervisors held their April public meeting, with Supervisors Bill Agnew, Lud Zarembinski and Jerauld Smith in attendance. Secretary Cindy McCoy took the minutes and there were no residents present. All stood to salute the American Flag.

The March meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

The Summit Safety Committee had held their meeting prior to the public meeting, and Pete Albaugh and Gig King stayed to talk to the Supervisors about a recent class they attended pertaining to PA Local Governmental Partnerships. The class was specifically for township supervisors and firefighters and EMS.

Pete Albaugh took the floor, stating that there are two problems facing volunteer fire departments at this time, money and personnel. There are not enough people volunteering at this time to fill positions at local fire departments, therefore, if a fire or disaster occurs, there is not enough manpower to cover what needs to be done.

The general public should become aware of this fact.

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