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School budget contains no tax increase proposal
Written by David Schaef

Preparing to adopt a final budget on Tuesday, June 16, at a special meeting, Conneaut School Board members were updated on latest figures in the proposed budget for the year to begin July 1, when directors met in work session Wednesday evening, June 3.

Latest budget figures came from a budget committee meeting held just hours before the work session with School Superintendent Jarrin Sperry, Business Manager Kara Onorato, and budget committee members Jody Sperry, Dot Luckock, and David Schaef continuing to look at budget figures and make adjustments.

Some $340,000 in cuts were made, that a part of over a million dollars cut from the budget first proposed several months ago.

The district is not replacing all of the 4 teachers who are retiring, a savings of over $100,000.

The budget contains plans to move emotional support classes from Conneaut Valley Elementary and Conneaut Valley Middle Schools to the Conneaut Lake Schools and combine two bus runs into one at another savings.

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Homicide in Conneautville reported
Written by David Schaef

The suspect in a slaying in Conneautville was captured by State Police in Erie County Thursday.

Steven W. Altman, 52, has been charged with homicide in the Wednesday, June 3, slaying of Debra Eschweiler, 53, of Conneautville.

Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell ruled the death was caused by multiple sharp force trauma with injuries to the heart and lungs.

Altman and Eschweiler lived together until April, according to reports, when Altman moved to Springfield Township in Erie County.

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- David Schaef photo
LIVING WAX MUSEUM - Fourth graders at Conneaut Valley Elementary School put on a Living Wax Museum performance last Wednesday with students posing as famous persons who they researched, wrote about and memorized a speech as well as created a background. In photo above, from left - Silas Rice played Neil Armstrong and Justin Fitzgerald played Buzz Aldrin, both famous astronauts.

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CASH graduation Friday evening, 7 pm
Written by David Schaef

The Class of 2015 will graduate from Conneaut Area Senior High School Friday evening, June 5, at 7 p.m.

It is the third graduating class from CASH with some 140 students graduating in the Friday service - an event that in the Conneaut District has traditionally been held Friday nights and Saturdays. Last year’s class graduated on a Wednesday evening.

The school calendar for all Conneaut students ends June 5, and thus the graduation setup.

The top two students from each of the former school areas of Conneaut Lake, Conneaut Valley and Linesville that merged to form Conneaut Area Senior High will speak and take part in the formal program, fulfilling a promise made when merger talks were under way that the first three graduating classes would feature those top students.

Next year’s graduating class, the Class of 2016, will simply feature the top students from CASH. - the class being the first to only attend the 9 - 12 high school. Those students entered the school as freshmen.

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Sadsbury supervisors discuss property concerns
Written by David Schaef

Sadsbury Township supervisors Kevin VanHonk, Lyle Hoovler and Bonnie Smith held their May meeting recently. Secretary Rose Mumau took the minutes and there were 3 citizens present.

An Executive Session was announced pertaining to a local fire department to be held later in the meeting.

For Public Comment, Maria Anderson stood to talk about the Dirt and Gravel Road Grant Awards. Greiser and Bolan Roads, along with Aldena Drive, have met the Low Volume or Dirt and Gravel Road Grant requirements for upgrades.

Ms. Anderson explained the criteria and policies for grant monies to be awarded.

Sadsbury Road Master, Mark Sobieski, joined the discussion and mentioned some piping and erosion, and also the replacement of an old rail road tanker car that was being used as a culvert pipe. This is on an un-named tributary commonly referred to as “Finn’s Ditch.”

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 08:11


- Photo Supplied
REPORTERS ALL - Eight students at Conneaut Lake Elementary School served as reporters this school year, writing under the column of CL Clippings and sharing the happenings and events in the school. The. CL Clippings reporting staff was, back row, from left - Andrew Royal, Kaley Cook, Bobby Thomas, Lyndsey Blood; and front row: Octavian Sperry, Collin Hearn, Mazie Arnett, and Daniel Button. This year’s fifi nal column begins on page 3. The Community News was pleased to provide this enriching activity for the students and thank them for their dedication and effff ort.

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CL Park opened Friday for weekends
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut Lake Park opened for the summer this past Friday with plans to be open all summer but only on the weekends - Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through mid-October.

While no new rides are up and running, the effort to capture customers is the new price setup.

All day rides are $10, about half of last year’s prices.

Plans are to charge just $5 on the second Sunday of each month and the same on the first Friday when grandparents can ride free after they buy one wristband.

There are no parking or admission fees.

The park’s opening was made possible when the federal bankruptcy judge allowed the Conneaut Lake Park Trustees to borrow $300,000 recently, money that was said to be needed to open the park for the season.

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Conneaut Lake Borough Council May meeting
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut Lake Borough Council held their May public meeting with Council members Bill Eldridge, Bill Paris, John Chuey, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Dick Holabaugh, Penny Monahan and Dwight Stallard in attendance. Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there were 11 citizens present. All stood to salute the American Flag.

The April meeting minutes and the bills were all approved.

For Public Comment, Borough Streets Manager Jim Donnachie stood to thank the Lakeside Beverage Company for the donation of mulch on the Make A Difference Day event, held recently in town.

Sandy Eldridge of the Conneaut Lake Garden Club stood to announce that they have received seed money from the PA Garden Federation. They planned a plant sale held Memorial Day weekend.

Betsy Sperry, owner of the Vacavi Café in downtown Conneaut Lake, asked about some wooden flower boxes in front of her café. She would like them moved and tidied up for the summer season. Street Manager Jim Donnachie will help Mrs. Sperry with this task.

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