Please stop with the “reefer madness”

Do you remember how last week I went on and on until you reached for a cocktail or something stronger, about how I dropped my political identity and all that jazz?

For those who haven't yet read that piece, I shall break it down gently yet effectively right now in Readers Digest fashion.

The most important thing I did in 2017 (or one of the most) was to ditch any and all affiliations with labels such as: left, right, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, etc. There are good and bad aspects of each and every one of those but I simply will not play along.

This ideological freedom makes it easier for me to bloviate about Politician X without worrying if a certain segment of society will display phony outrage. (Remember, I see “snowflakes” on ALL sides for various reasons. I also think most outrage is fake.) Also it is more likely than not that in the next breath I will opine madly about Politician Y, who might be on the other end of the spectrum or “side” of the aisle.

I hope that makes sense but to bottom line it, this whole deal makes it easier to be brutally forthright in these opinion columns and in everyday conversations. (Now that I ponder, I don't think I ever held back too much in that department. I still feel more liberated over the decision and I can let loose even more—hold those thoughts please as they are unkind.)

I just want people to keep that in mind because I think I'm going to spend my time here today “going off” on Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Since we have been groomed to assume that if a person objects to something a Republican is doing then it automatically makes him/her a lover of all things Democratic Party, I just had to plunk that “disclaimer” in the opening of this blather.

If there ever was a time for Trump to utilize his tag line, “You're FIRED,” this would it. This man, or elf, Sessions has been a nuisance since the second he took office, in my not-so-humble view.

The reason for my loathing of this particular creature (who strongly resembles an employee of the Keebler company or one of Santa's workers), is because he is stuck in the movie called “Reefer Madness.” He also appears to be basing his decisions on such delusions to boot. (Actually he is basing his decisions on what his DONORS or his OWNERS want but you get the picture, I hope.)

Just in case it passed you by, Beauregard decided to go ahead and crack down on states which have legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. (I just love how his side of the aisle claims to be all about “states rights” and all that male bovine excrement, but when it comes right down to it, they are not. It is all a bunch of bollocks, as they say across the pond, and I certainly hope that people wake up to this monumental lie. While I have you, let's stop being afraid to use the word “lie” when it is applicable. I think that part served as a digression so I shall inch forward.)

Moving along, it will come as no surprise to many of you that the real reason why this is unfolding is because the “big pharma” industry would like to cash in on an ingredient in said plant (THC) by reproducing it in the lab. Not only but the company in question has a hideous record of peddling Fentanyl to doctors, thereby leading to the epidemic of opiate abuse that is sweeping the land.

Some of the following is from an article which appeared in the online publication, “The Free Thought Project.” The journalists over there did an extensive report on the HIDEOUS behavior of Attorney General Sessions and the drug company. The title of the piece is, “Sessions Wages War on Natural Weed as he Grants Maker of Fentanyl a Monopoly on Synthetic THC.”

The article states that the actions on the part of this loon (well they didn't use those words) is quite hypocritical because the company to which he gave the free reign, so to speak, basically got into trouble in the past for twisting the arms of doctors when it came to pushing the “F Word,” which in this case was Fentanyl.

That drug has led to the opiate crisis and other issues. For a couple of examples, people have died when using it AS PRESCRIBED because it causes shallow breathing in many individuals. Also, the “F Word” is oft' mixed in with street heroin, which can lead to instant death.

I know people personally who have suffered due to the “F Word.” I was even prescribed this drug in the past but wasn't able to use it as it caused a skin irritation.

Mind you, this action carried out by Sessions was done all in the name of protecting American citizens from the evil of a plant! I am not one to utilize too many of these: !!! but I almost have no choice in this particular piece as it's maddening!

Here is an excerpt from said article: “The active ingredient in cannabis, THC, remains classified as a Schedule 1 drug—meaning the government claims it is dangerous, addictive, and has no medical value. Coincidentally, over the Thanksgiving holiday, the DOJ’s Drug Enforcement Administration granted Insys Therapeutics—a rogue pharmaceutical company rife with corruption—a Schedule II classification on their synthetic form of THC, Dronabinol.”

Are you following this, ladies and gents? Just in case this slipped by you, the sun will explode before the FDA will EVER approve anything that comes from nature. They will instead LIE about it and claim that it has no value, whilst simultaneously approving crap that kills. Sorry to be blunt but WOW! This is SHAMEFUL, which is the only word that comes to mind right now or the only one appropriate for this column space, as I'm really thinking this: *&%$#@*%!!!!! How do you like “them apples” as the saying goes?

This whole war on cannabis is ridiculous to the max. If you just stop to think about how alcohol is perfectly legal but this natural substance isn't. Hmm I wonder why. Could it be because there is a huge alcohol lobby in this country? Maybe it's due to the pharmaceutical companies and the medical industrial complex having a total hold on our every day lives? Perhaps it's due to the money being poured into the pockets of most all governmental officials by said drug companies? Oh dear that simply couldn't be the case. Politicians are not influenced by the money given to them as they represent the people, not the donors. Good gravy I could barely - See Stand page 4


- from page 3

stand my own sarcasm in that last part.

It's absolutely CRIMINAL behavior when anyone tells another person that he/she is not permitted to use a natural remedy for things ranging from cancer cures to just a general sense of well-being. Yet we call ourselves the land of the free? Give me a break please. I would laugh but I'm too upset currently. (I don't have the time or space for the cancer rant this time. There have been cures for 100 years or more but you won't hear about it. Why? Because there is a concerted effort to keep SCIENTIFIC literature put forth by other countries from seeing the light of day here in this country. If you don't believe me, check out some online research NOT backed by the AMA, the big drug companies or the FDA for that matter.)

Frankly I'm tired of being told what is best for me by some goof ball who knows better just because he's an elected official. Did you know that over 60% of the American public wants this legalized for recreational purposes? In other words, even people who do not use the substance want others to be FREE to use it as long as it causes no harm to others. What a concept that is. If you want to see a decrease in opiate abuse, LEGALIZE cannabis across the board. (When Colorado did this they saw a decrease in the number of opiate overdoses within a couple of years. If memory serves, it went down by 25%.)

You know how a certain side of the aisle always wants the states to be used as “little laboratories” or experimental regions to get a feel for the situation? The theory put forth is that if it works out at the state level, it can then become federal law. You know, back to “states rights” and all that *&%$#@!

This NEVER comes to fruition no matter how much evidence is presented. One might even say that it's a LIE, if one is not afraid to utilize such a strong word.

I shall close (stop being so rude in thought) by saying that these so called representatives do NOT really speak on behalf of the citizenry. They are in bed with the people who own them and the sooner this is firmly planted in the minds of US citizens, the better off we shall all be.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck, AIPAC, Geoengineering, “War is a Racket” and “Where did the Towers Go” by Dr. Judy Wood.)