The “I word” and NOT the “R word”

We are down to two more papers in this delightful year of 2017. I know, I know, you are exhaling madly—causing a cat to float by—since you will finally get a break from the madness known as Rants and Raves. Please cease in doing so as I'm feeling rather crushed.

There is so much unfolding in the world today so I wasn't sure on what to concentrate this week. Therefore, I am thinking of doing somewhat of a top ten list which might not be ten actually. Just things that float to the forefront rather than sticking to a total theme.

Well, I've decided against that already. I know I shall have enough fodder from this topic to fill the entire paper. Don't you love how I bring you in on the brainstorming sessions in terms of the column writing process? I didn't think so but you could at least be kind about it as it is the most wonderful time of the year and all that &^%$#.

Do you recall a goofy woman with an “interesting” sense of humor mentioning in passing (whilst whistling of course) that it's not Russia that “influenced” or “interfered” with anyone in terms of the election or policy but would more than likely be Israel pulling the strings? Hmm I seem to recall that woman in question saying stuff about our dear sweet best friend Israel in many a column. ATTENTION: This does NOT mean that Israel hacked into voting machines. I've been over this before to the point of causing you to burn the paper as you are reading it. There was no hack, it was a leak. I'm having that tattooed on my forehead as a gift to myself this holiday season.

It turns out that this whole insanity surrounding the phony Russia probe has turned up some interesting information that you will not likely see or read on or in corporate media of any kind. (For those brand new to this page, there are 6 corporations that own 90% of what we see, hear, touch, think and feel. This would be via the media which isn't just “news” but also includes motion pictures, text books, music, video games, etc., blah, blah, I think you get the point.)

Actually this next line might cause you to clutch pearls but it's a risk I'm willing to take. The whole “fake gnews” statement that exits the president's mouth more than food enters mine, is one of the ONLY things I enjoy about the man. (That is not a typo with the g in front of the n in the word “gnews.” Haven't you ever noticed that our charming leader sounds like he has a constant nasal issue or something when he says the word “GNEWS?” I have taken note and hope that you do as well in the future. It's quite hilarious and brings some joy to my otherwise hideous life. I believe I have digressed and in these fancy brackets to boot so I can inch forward at this time.)

Gently yet effectively moving back to the whole Israel scene, there is an honest reporter—again, stop with the pearl clutching—named Max Blumenthal. He has several things going for him in terms of being able to tell the truth about the Israeli and Palestine situation, for one example. One of which is he is indeed Jewish so he doesn't generally risk being called an antisemitic individual. Instead he is dubbed a “self hating Jew” but we can put that aside for the time being.

Another quality that gives this journalist/author total freedom to report on actual happenings, is that he's not tied into any corporate overlords at all. He can say what he wants and bring out legit stories without the fear of offending an advertiser or being reprimanded for not toeing the company line. For instance, and I use this as an example often, Phil Donahue was fired from MSNBC (MSDNC) for having the chutzpah to be against the invasion of a sovereign country during the lead up to said invasion. This would be Iraq in case you got the war zones confused. There are so many these days that it's hard to keep track.

Moving along, at the time GE was the owner of that outlet and at the same time was and still is a major part of the military industrial complex, which “Ike” warned us about. That outlet (and all others) would pack panels with retired generals and others who were a part of the revolving door shenanigans in D.C. Are you following me here? Am I following me is the real question.

Blumenthal has been interviewed about the real “scandal” in terms of this Flynn “confession” or whatever the corporate overlords have declared it to be. I saw two of his segments just today, which would be Tuesday. The one report was on RT (AAAH—did someone say Russia?!) and the other was on The Real News Network out of Baltimore. (Since Tuesday when I first began this insanity, another reporter named Caleb Maupin has covered it as well. If you have a computer, you can check this on YouTube.)

During both he pointed out what happened with the son-in-law of our dear OOO (Oh Orange One – OK Donald Trump) in terms of basically carrying a message from “Israel” to “Russia” via General Flynn. After the digression in parenthesis below, I shall inch forward with this saga.

(I believe that same small town columnist of whom I spoke in the opening of this blather also stated that Son-In-Law literally profits off Israeli “settlements” and is a close family friend of Benjamin (BiBi) Netanyahu but I digress. I might as well continue the digression at this point. For crying out loud, when Son-In-Law was a child BiBi would visit their family. Son-In-Law would literally—and I only use that word in a literal manner—loan out his bedroom to BiBi. BiBi and Father of Son-In-Law were thick as thieves, for lack of a better description.)

To make this as easy to understand as possible, which is not my strong suit, I will first recommend that you check out the above-mentioned outlets that interviewed Blumenthal. I am also going to provide a quote from him as well, for total clarity.

The very basic story is that Son-In-Law carried a message to Flynn from a representative of Israel (or as some pronounce it, “IZ ROLL”). The message involved asking a particular Russian to vote a particular way in terms of a UN resolution. This was the one that condemned the additional “settlements” being planned in the OCCUPIED territory and was during the last few weeks of the Obama administration. The US of A decided to abstain from voting which caused our dear BiBi to have some sort of temper tantrum best reserved for toddlers at Walmart. For some reason he didn't see that most of the world is not too thrilled with the policy of plowing over existing Palestinian homes in order to “expand” Israel in an illegal manner. So Flynn was to persuade someone to vote a certain way on a UN resolution.

That was my layman interpretation and I shall now swing into quoting Max Blumenthal for a clearer picture of the whole sordid saga.

“And here's Jared Kushner, ordering Michael Flynn, on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu—on behalf of a foreign power—to lobby the Russians to use their veto power on the UN Security Council to stifle a resolution that was going to condemn Israeli settlement activities. So you're looking at actual COLLUSION by the Netanyahu administration through their friend Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn. That is just completely inconvenient because we've seen Haim Saban, one of the largest donors to Hillary Clinton, actually thanking Jared Kushner for colluding with Israel—this is a bipartisan enterprise. This is how the sausage is made in Washington.” (Emphasis was mine)

I do hope that you understand what is happening here and what you might not see, hear or read in corporate media. Heck some of the alternative media shies away from being critical of Israel all because they are terrified of being called antisemitic! It's sheer insanity. There is nothing antisemitic about not agreeing with the GOVERNMENT of Israel or our government when they constantly side with it.

I have been signing off in this column space for almost a year by putting “AIPAC” in the parenthesis along with other jazz so that some interest might be sparked. I certainly hope some will take a look into who really runs our foreign AND domestic policy. Here's a clue: It's NOT Russia.

Here's just one example on the domestic end of things after which I am ending this blather for the week—again stop with the strong exhaling. When Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas some people had to ask for federal help in terms of rebuilding etc. In one smaller city in Texas (this is just ONE of the many examples) there was LITERALLY a portion of the application that said one must agree to NOT boycott “Iz Roll” in order to receive the federal aid. I'm not making this up ladies and gents.

Just look at the move that Trump made yesterday and you shall see just how owned we are by this rouge state. (Mind you, Bill Clinton is the one who started this in the 1990s with the FULL support of Congress at the time.) Also check out the USS Liberty attack that unfolded in 1967 for more details. You will not hear or read this in our state run corporate media. I did hear a rumor that someone from Fox News (yes, don't faint) actually reached out to a survivor and author of the book called “Erasing the Liberty – My battle to keep alive the memory of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty.”

People wonder why I avoid “the news” like the plague. They LIE to us over and over and like good victims of abuse, we still tune in. What is wrong with us? Don't answer that question.

Again I remind you that I used to practice the religion of Judaism, quite faithfully. If I practiced more I'd be pretty good at it but I don't. I don't hate anyone or any religion. This is purely about our undying support (including giving BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars a year) of a hideous “state” that runs over people and murders at will. If I don't say this, who will? I can't let atrocities go unnoticed or under-reported and I won't. It's against my better nature and yes, I do have one—contrary to popular belief.

THE END and (Interstate Crosscheck – AIPAC – Geo-engineering – War is a Racket by Major General Smedley Butler AND “Erasing the Liberty” by Phillip F. Tourney a survivor of the attack.)