1995 Jazz – the print version

This week I almost plunked a rerun into this space but then remembered something, which is shocking and miraculous but I digress. Boy, that might be a record in terms of digressing as it happened in the opening sentence. It wasn't even in the first paragraph but SENTENCE. I'm getting better—or worse?

You know how I've utilized things from my YouTube “show” in this space before? Well, I'm going to have to do it again. Oh stop that complaining. It won't hurt you to try a bit of trivia. It's good to exercise the brain periodically. Simmer down.

This past weekend, not the one that we just had but the one before that, we celebrated “The Child's” birthday. Your “Coin Boy” from days gone by is now 22 years of age. WAAAAAAA!! Make it stop—Hold me.

I've managed to pull myself together after that brief breakdown and shall continue. I conjured up some 1995 “things” or “happenings” in honor of The Child's year O birth and we played it live on “Lounging with Lisa” the other week.

Back in those days I had NO clue about anything going on in the world around me. I barely knew who the president was. As my ex used to say, “I was too busy raising kids.” I was not that busy raising kids but I just didn't really take note of things at all. I mean AT ALL—which I discovered when going over these items for the game.

I'm not going to use the numbering system for reasons I have explained before. (For newbies, the boss usually has to rearrange them when I place the numbers beside the questions. They don't go through “space” that well, I guess.) I think I shall utilize the alphabet this time. Also the sentences aren't the greatest so put away your “Grammar Nazi” uniform for this one please and thank you.

I tried my best to word this in a fun manner including my feeble attempts at rhyming a few times. These are in my own twisted words, of course. Without any further intro, here we go. (Mind you, I did 60 of these so this is just a sample. The answers will be at the end. One more thing, if I put one of these * at the beginning, it means there is extra info about it later on. NO cheating.)

A. I died in 1995. No amount of twitching my nose would bring me back to life. Not even Dr. Bombay could save me.

B. I have morphed into a monopoly with CIA connections but was born in 1995. My name might put some in the mind of a very long waterway.

C. President Clinton inadvertently “outed me” when he signed executive order 95-45, in which he exempted Groom Lake Air Force Base AKA _______ from revealing its environmental records to the public.

D. In this music video a bullfighter takes center stage as the songstress “complains” about his public vs private face. “I've always been in love with you; I guess you've always known it's true” is a reoccurring lyric.

E. This Disney animated film was popular in 1995 and has floated to the forefront of most people's minds now as it's a not-so-popular or politically correct nickname given by President Trump to a leading democrat in the Senate.

F. I cheated on my first two wives and acted rather sneaky but that didn't stop me from moving forward with “impeachy.”

G. I was born in July of 1995. Many people objected to the way I was “created” as they said it just wasn't natural. I lived to be 7.

H. In 1995 this museum (which resembles something that the “Hidden Hand” might dig), opened in a city which sits on the shores of Lake Erie.

I. My first name could indicate that I'm for hire; my middle name honors my grandfather and my uncle. My last name is related to a famous teddy bear company.

J. This character took center stage in the first feature film to use computer generated graphics for his personal part – he's known for being super friendly.

K. Some say the whole thing was faked in order to garner public support for the agency with the nickname “Never A Straight Answer,” but it had Tom Hanks declaring that something wasn't right.

L. The Queen Mother had this procedure in 1995 at the age of 95. At the time she was the oldest recipient of such.

M. In September of 1995 I was born but my name was changed later. When you think of me a fast talking person with a gavel trying to “raise the price” might come to mind.

N. *I was the president of my country in 1995 – in 1996 the USA “interfered” with the elections in my country to ensure that I would remain in power.

O. I was a big time Bernie “sis” and was sometimes blamed for Trump's win. Chris Hayes on MSDNC was especially shocked when I said I might not vote for HRC. I won the Oscar in 1995 for best actress – you might recall when I took the plunge with a good friend in one of my most famous roles.

P. I accomplished everything my partner Fred accomplished but did so “backwards and whilst wearing high heels.” I passed away in 1995.

Q. This famous person from across the pond was arrested for lewd - See Jazz page 4


- from page 3

conduct on June 27. The arrest led many to clutch pearls since he was known for his role as a bumbling lovable type creature in “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

R. This mysterious and rather bizarre “taking off and landing spot,” which is the largest in North America, opened in 1995.

S. ___________ won the Rugby World Cup (June 24): __________ beat New Zealand 15-12 to win the World Cup — and a symbolic victory for the post-apartheid nation.

T. In 1995 a protest in Washington, D.C., outside the offices of the General Accounting Office pertained to this “out of the world” topic and had protesters holding up signs that said “they” are real and the govt knows about it. Some incidents were mentioned by name on said signs such as the one that happened in New Mexico in 1947.

U. When you hear the sound of a snack food “bursting forth” you might think of me. I was known for providing the kind that leaves no kernel behind. I passed on in 1995.

V. **This top TV show of 1995 saw the longest running CHARACTER taking center stage. The series was named for said character.

W. With which cat did Spencer spend the most time since they are 5 years apart in age?

X. I tried it on it didn't fit so my lawyer said they must acquit.

Y. Some say there is no way a “ticking” truck was to blame for this notorious crime.

Z. In 1995 a heat wave in this USA city took more lives than did the fire of 1871 which was allegedly started by a cow.

OK you will have to tune in next week for the answers. CALM DOWN!! I'm joshing with you. Here you go: A. Elizabeth Montgomery B. Amazon (dot com) C. Area 51 D. “Take a Bow” by Madonna E. Pocahontas F. Newt Gingrich G. Dolly the Sheep H. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I. Spencer Blaine Boyd J. Casper K. Apollo 13 also Never a Straight Answer = NASA L. Hip replacement M. Ebay N. Boris Yeltsin * (For more details about this you can go to globalresearch.ca and type in: US Meddling in 1996 Russian Elections in Support of Boris Yeltsin.) O. Susan Sarandon P. Ginger Rogers Q. Hugh Grant R. DIA Denver International Airport S. South Africa T. UFOs U. Orville Redenbacher V. Fraiser ** (When the series ended in 2004, Grammer had portrayed the character of Frasier Crane for a total of 20 years, including his nine seasons on Cheers; at the time, he tied James Arness' portrayal of Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke for the longest-running character on prime-time television) W. Zoe X. O.J. Simpson Y. Oklahoma City Bombing Z. Chicago.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck – AIPAC – Geoengineering - “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley D. Butler)