Triggered over the S Word

I've taken note of something for the past several months to a year and of course I shall share it with you until you reach for a strong adult beverage.

I thought that maybe we had evolved a bit as a society but I am seeing evidence of a civilization in decline. Boy that sounded super serious but I have to make every attempt feasible in order to captivate the audience.

For about 3 or 4 months I've been doing a little video series on You Tube called “Lounging with Lisa.” For those interested you may simply perform a search of my name on You Tube. I am a bit more open and brutal in said videos but I can assure you that there is no swearing as Mother would not permit such shenanigans. So, for anyone brave enough to actually gaze upon my countenance rather than just reading my words, I invite you to the madness.

When I sign off of the videos I always say, “Please, join me and drop your political identities and let's leave labels at the door.” Clearly that means that I find absolutely nothing good about this FAKE left, right, liberal, conservative, Democratic, Republican paradigm as I think it is dangerous and leads to problems.

For instance, I have a life-long friend who literally would never dream of looking at an article or taking in any information put forth by a—GASP—liberal! Oh the humanity! On the other hand, I have so called liberal friends who would never consider garnering information from a conservative thinker or a libertarian kind of person.

We have been more or less programmed to associate certain things with those ridiculous labels. I see this sort of thing (or I used to) on the “news.” The corporate media, in my opinion, is the most dangerous outlet ever unleashed on the American people and on the world at large, and small.

That might sound drastic but I honestly feel that way. They LOVE keeping people divided with this phony partisan outrage, all of which is highly manufactured, I might add.

Moving along, I was surprised today when a friend of mine almost recoiled in horror over the word “socialism.” OMZ we cannot “take care of everyone” said he/she. I will not divulge the person as it would not be right to do so and I'm all about being socially acceptable. (Now that you've reached for the barn boots, I shall continue with this blather. I'm not sure this is an official digression but I am going to consider it to be so that I can meet my weekly quota.)

I gently, yet effectively, pointed out to the above-mentioned Person A that socialism is alive and well here in the US of A. We have socialism for the super rich, what some call the 1%, and no kind of safety net for the rest of us slobs. Just look at the bailouts the “banksters” get when they put us in an economic crisis. There are too many of these 1% recipients of OUR tax dollars to mention here by name but I think you get the picture, don't you?

These types are able to do what they want by gambling in the stock market, for example, as they are guaranteed by government that all will be fine. The American tax payers will foot the bill for you. Socialism is alive and well but is unfortunately aimed at the wrong bloc of society, in my not-so-humble view.

Heaven forbid someone mention that “we” could take care of our people via a Medicare for all sort of health care system or some sort of educational opportunity. We cannot and will not tolerate such behavior as that is SOCIALISM for heaven's sake.

I wish people would consider that the evil “S Word” relates to the police departments, fire departments, the roadways, library system and other items utilized by “common folk.” In fact, when is the last time you heard the words, “for the commons” or “apart of the commons?”

I'm not sure why I'm so amazed that the S Word leads to collective pearl clutching as we have been indoctrinated to react in a negative manner at the very mention of said word. This is another way that the corporate media more or less brainwashes the populace in order to behave a certain way or react to specific words in a negative manner.

Keeping with the S Word jabber, I'm not sure why people do not recognize that the US of A has a gigantic “socialistic” entity called the US Military. Oh stop with that gasping as you are now causing Todd the Cat to be sucked into another room. Anyhow, just think about this for a minute if you would. The military provides health care, housing and other “perks” for members and family members as well. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I just cannot help but chuckle a bit when some die hard supporters of said organization are the same who FREAK over the very word, socialism.

Keep in mind that many people suffer miserably once released from serving because after the service is officially over, many are basically forgotten members of the citizenry. It's a real shame that this happens but sadly it does.

In closing, again I ask you to refrain from those heavy sighs of relief, I am going to ask people to really consider how we have been groomed to fear certain words or phrases. Then please look up various definitions to become better acquainted with the words in question.

Let me be crystal clear about something right this instant though. What socialism DOES NOT mean is a totalitarian political system, with government interfering with every aspect of production, as well as with everyone's private life. In other words it is NOT a North Korean or Soviet style society. (The last thing I would want is a television in every home that can't ever be turned off, piping government propaganda into every living room. Come to think of it, that already seems to be the case in some households where CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX News fill the air 24/7.)

The S Word of which I speak is just basically where the means of the production, ownership and distribution are in the hands of the workers. The workers all own Business X as a COLLECTIVE. Get it? Just check out worker co-ops for more details about this if you will or even if you won't.

Just one more recommendation would be to carry out a search on You Tube for a gent by the name of Professor Richard Wolff. Prepare right now to be shocked to the marrow as he is an admitted “Marxist economist.” SIMMER down please. I promise, you will be OK after you explore other economic methods other than capitalism. You will live through this and you will learn that there are other methods of operation here and in other countries, that might give a more fair shake to all of the populace, rather than those pesky lovers of socialism at the very top known fondly as the 1%.

THE END (I'm going to add something else here to my usual jazz as I think this is possibly the most pressing issue of our day: Interstate Crosscheck – AIPAC –