A hodgepodge of information

This week I almost did a rerun but decided instead to come at you with a hodgepodge of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Since I generally stay on topic and never veer off for any reason, this should come as a shock to you. Clearly sarcasm is intended.

First of all, you might remember that I have been saying for a year that there is absolutely nothing to this “Russia hacked” the election false narrative. I think I've mentioned this a time or two but just wanted to be sure.

There is additional actual proof that it could not have been a hack but was a leak, which is something many of us knew from the start. How did we know this you ask? Well because many did something that was evidently forbidden by CNN and that was to actually READ the Wikileaks. I know, I know it is totally crazed behavior. (Since I gave up on any kind of corporate media, I wasn't aware of the fact that CNN actually came out and said that regular citizens were not “permitted” to look at the emails on Wikileaks.)

There is a group called VIPS which stands for “Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity,” and they have proven, scientifically, that it could not have been a hack but was indeed a leak. (I am just assuming that you all know of what I speak. Certainly by now you've heard something about Russia interfering with our election? How long were you in that coma?)

I will give a very brief overview of this situation and will then provide links to the actual memo that has been given to Trump, by the by. Due to the speed of the download and the fact that the internet was not in play, this gang discovered that the information was taken directly from the device and loaded onto a memory stick of some kind. Not only but they were able to pinpoint the time zone in which this unfolded and it was carried out from the east coast of the US of A.

Also if it would have been a hack, which has been pushed by the filthy, corporate run, state sponsored, CIA backed media, then the NSA would have intercepted it in transit or would at least have a record. Remember ladies and gents that the NSA has everything we've ever sent or received in some “YUGE” storage type computer sort of deal. Yes, I realize that my technical language is confusing to many. I mean I must stop with this overly “geeky” type of terminology.

Here is information as to where one might find the total details: Consortium News, The Nation Magazine and Watching the Hawks on RT—did someone say Russia Today? HOLD ME. If you so desire you can type in the name Ray McGovern in the You Tube search region for more as he is one of the former intelligence agents. (Many other outlets have reported this as well but those are just a few for your researching pleasure or pain.)

This VIPS group also told “W” back in the day that Iraq did NOT have the weapons of mass destruction. As you know, he followed their advice and we didn't start a war in that country. Sorry but I was just dreaming for a minute.

I need to state that the DNC has never turned over their computer servers to the FBI for forensic examination. Instead the FBI simply relied on an outside agency to examine the situation. Get ready to clutch your pearls because that particular organization, agency, whatever was linked directly to Hillary Clinton. It's like trying to prove that a religious text is true just by referring to said religious text, rather than garnering outside information from other sources.

Before you call me a tool of the Kremlin or a “Putin Puppet,” please investigate it for yourselves. It is quite easy to find if you really want to know the scoop. The name of the joint (I can't think of another word and keep using “agency” and “organization”) is CrowdStrike. Yes it's one word like that. Here is something to maybe pique your interest about CrowdStrike: It has ties to Clinton, Google and a Ukrainian billionaire. How's that for intriguing? (I do my best to hold your interest but I know that I oft' fail miserably. You know, I can't always provide total entertainment and gut-splitting laughter via this column space. I am reading your mind and you are saying that I NEVER provide you with those items. I am CRUSHED. I'm also fulfilling my obligation to digress and in these fancy bracket things to boot.)

I just hope by now that everyone is “on to” the corporate media and how they LIE to people in order to protect the establishment. Please remember that 90% of our media is owned by a handful of corporate overlords, which I think I've mention before. (More sarcasm.)

For the next topic I'm going to tell you something that I will NOT be discussing. That really makes no sense at all but do I ever? I will not be going on and on and on about the hideous event that unfolded in Virginia last week. This has dominated the news cycle and it's time to move on. This is not to say that I don't care about the violence as clearly I do. I am just very suspicious of EVERYTHING that is pushed by the government and the media. I will say one thing about this and you may look it up on your own time. Do you find it odd that the police more or less stood down during this uprising?

Before you call me a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist allow me to remind you of something. I would rather you refer to me as a “conspiracy investigator” because I wear that chapeau with total pride. Also for those who lived through the tumultuous sixties, you might recall how the FBI would infiltrate various anti-war groups. I know this comes as a total shock to some but it's true. They would get on the inside and stir things up in order to make a particular group look bad. This is shocking, lurid, true and very American, unfortunately.

Also even the mainstream corporate media has made mention, in passing of course, that they were puzzled by the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the police. If it is so noticeable that the state-run western media has no choice but to report it, then we might be on to something here.

Speaking of conspiracies, I have heard a plethora of them ever since the eclipse entered the news cycle. By the time this paper hits the news stands the eclipse will be unfolding, now that I ponder.

It seems like any time something like this happens, the world collectively clutches pearls and runs to the streets with hair on fire for good measure.

I mean I've been told a wide variety of scary stuff pertaining to this event. I've heard that it might signal the second coming of Jesus, for one example. For another example, I've heard it could expose a “secret” planet that the government is hiding from us. Don't EVEN get me started on that one as I don't have enough room. I've also been told that the sun is “fake,” the earth is flat and of course, there is no such thing as outer space. (Maybe I should hang with a different crowd?)

If you desire to learn more about that hidden celestial body, please search for “Nibiru” in your favorite computer search engine. It's guaranteed fun for the entire family and puts me in the mind of a Normal Rockwell portrait.

I think I've caused enough damage plus I must dash in order to prep for the end of the world. I'm not so sure how one preps for such goings on but I'm certain Perpetual (life partner) will know. One thing about Perpetual that is wonderful would be his survival skills. Somehow that last statement didn't sound complimentary but it was meant to be so, I promise.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck and AIPAC)