Whatever it's called,

here is a column about it

This week I'm sort of pressed for time but wanted to at least provide something for this column space.

First of all I know you are waiting with bated breath to learn the fate of Nelson the house chipmunk so I will fill you in on the particulars.

The other morning, just about a week after he became a member of the home, he finally sauntered into the humane box trap set by Perpetual. I'm not sure chipmunks have ever sauntered in their lives now that I ponder. It would be more like he freakishly zoomed into the device.

At any rate, Nelson has been officially released from bondage, which is more than I can say for Perpetual but I digress.

I had every intention of snapping photos and filming the creature but he was terribly horrified upon being caged and I refused to prolong his agony. Therefore I let him go immediately right out front. During his dash to total freedom he passed under Perpetual's van and came in direct contact with Zoe, our geriatric feline of 17 years. She began to pursue him but I barked at her to halt and she actually listened. Little Nelson flew to the side of the house and probably made his way to the backyard. There you have that saga.

Now I shall gently yet effectively move along to another subject. This has to do with the desperate attempts to get rid of what most call “Obama Care” but is really called “The Affordable Care Act.” I shall stick with “OC” for the purposes of this piece.

Allow me to begin by stating that I never lived for OC and am not a staunch defender of such. However, many people have been aided in terms of receiving health insurance due to this program and for that I am grateful.

The problem is that OC was really the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation which is a right wing think tank sort of place. Mitt Romney actually launched this version in the state of Massachusetts back when he was the governor.

So keep in mind that OC was never a so called liberal or “socialistic” plan. It was literally the opposite as it kept the profit in the health care industry via enriching the “banksters” also known as BIG INSURANCE companies. President Obama had to bow down to his donors from that industry and he “done swell” as they say. The man could have actually passed a Medicare for all type system but couldn't, due to the donor factor.

Because of party loyalty at all costs even over the people or the country, we have democrats defending what was originally the creation of the right wing. Isn't this beautiful? It puts me in the mind of a Norman Rockwell portrait, frankly.

There are many people who are not able to afford the so-called Affordable Care Act premiums as put out by their particular insurance companies, which are all a part of the exchanges. Boy, this is getting confusing for me and I'm the one trying to simplify things for my readers. Hmm well OK I will press on regardless or as some like to say, “irregardless” which drives me to drink and leads to my digressing once again.

Something that has not been brought forward in the “state-run-CIA backed-corporate media” is this little factoid that might aid in understanding what is unfolding. You see, our dear sweet Marco Rubio saw to it that certain provisions were removed from this by attaching the language to a must-pass piece of legislation. (Before I go any further, how many of you would like to see these shenanigans come to a full halt in terms of attaching this or that to a bill? I would LOVE to have a law passed which states that bills have to concentrate on ONE thing and not have all these riders, provisions, etc. Call me silly and I know you have.)

The insurance companies were going to take a loss (those poor dears) in the first several years of OC so there was something called “risk corridors” put into place to aid them in the end. In other words, government money would be guaranteed to said companies to make up for the losses that they took early on.

This is where Rubio reared his rather attractive head. He saw to it that the risk corridor part of the bill was removed, 86'd, deleted and any other word that comes to mind—erased is another one. Therefore Rubio is also to blame for the costs of insurance skyrocketing when it comes to OC. (We must make certain that those at the top have tax breaks, which is really the entire purpose of ending OC.)

You might not ever hear this on the so called media because many outlets depend on the ability to interview politicians. They also need as much sensationalism as possible in order to keep you tuning into the madness.

When you get a spare moment, please go over to the infamous Google feature and type in “Marco Rubio Risk Corridors.” This should provide you with some type of further information that is lacking in this random, rather last minute piece.

I did all of this from memory too so it might be a good idea to double check this insanity. I'm officially done talking about OC. Wait, I'm not after all and I know that doesn't come as a shock. I think we should join every other modern nation on the face of the globe and provide health care for our citizens. We are LITERALLY the only so-called developed nation to NOT provide such a thing.

I did not really know this until a little “Birdie” by the name of Bernie brought it to light during the 2016 primary season. Many people are not aware of how far behind we are with the rest of the world on this issue. We are too busy providing BILLIONS of dollars to hideous nations in order for them to carry out war crimes with our ammo but I digress, once again.

We supposedly cannot afford this or that and meanwhile the military gets bigger and bigger with every turn. Let's face it ladies and germs, we have a war economy which is what Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address. Not ONCE did any over paid talking head ask the right hand side of the aisle how they were going to pay to “rebuild the military” but made sure to ask the other side of the aisle how they were going to pay for X, Y and Z. This is commonplace now, take note sometime.

I think I best go at this time. I've done enough grave digging in this piece and shall now release you from bondage as I did with Nelson. Well, minus the box trap of course.

THE END - (Interstate Crosscheck and AIPAC).