All the world's a stage

I've learned some important lessons in life as of late and thought I would begin by telling you the biggest “take away” of all.

Are you ready? Hold on to something sturdy. I've found that acting in a fair manner and not toeing the line for any political party, organization, media outlet or (fill in blank) leads to open hatred and ridicule. WOW.

Now that I reread that statement I admit that the word “hatred” is a bit strong but I'm trying to hook you into reading the rest of this blather.

Here's the deal folks: I am going to casually (whilst whistling) drop some absolute truth into this column which will lead to massive pearl clutching across the reading area. Now, that isn't to say that I generally plunk outright lies into this space so don't get the wrong idea. What I'm trying to say in a thousand words or less is that there are certain things that most people don't hear due to the narrative being pushed by the corporate FAKE media.

Let me begin with that word “FAKE.” I don't think it's very clever, which I've stated before, but I am going to utilize it since it's the latest craze. I want to be hip and accepted by the general public so I shall play along. Actually using the word “hip” whilst implying that I want to be a modern chick is absolutely goofy. So is using the word “goofy” but I digress.

As you know I have been a total skeptic in terms of the whole Russia, Russia, Russia narrative and I still am. There is literally no evidence whatsoever that evil agents of Russia hacked the election here in the belly O the beast, aka Uncle Sam. I've explained this to the point of driving all in my path more crazy than usual, if you can imagine.

They began this crap by stating that Russia hacked, then the verbiage was adjusted accordingly to Russia “interfered” and finally we have Russia “colluded” with Trump blah, blah, blah. (FYI, the Podesta emails actually show that this R narrative was planned. Please read them.)

Now I realize that President Agent Orange is hated by pretty much a majority of earth dwellers at this time. I am not fond of this person either but I refuse to blindly hate him and I especially refuse to scream IMPEACH him for reasons that are NOT legitimate.

There are actually super good reasons to investigate the president and hold him accountable but they have nothing to do with the R Word.

For example, the second the man took office he was in breech of the law due to something called the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. I should call this “the clause I cannot spell” but I think it will be corrected by the time this hits the news stand.

You see since he has business interests in a LOT of countries (Russia too so calm down) and will benefit directly due to that, there is a legit reason for concern. Also the fact that he has surrounded himself with various family members or has given them positions in the White House is bad news and against the nepotism laws.

Those are REAL reasons for concern as is the fact that he is carrying on with ObomBa's illegal secret wars all over the joint. Congress has not declared war on these Mideast regions but that's OK folks. There's nothing to see here at all.

Let me explain something to you that is going to make die hard members of a certain corporate party upset but it's a chance I must take.

The DNC literally cheated in the primary election cycle. This is documented in all fifty states; I encourage all of you to check this out for yourselves. In fact, there is an actual lawsuit unfolding in Florida as I type this. It's a class action suit against the DNC for cheating Bernie Sanders in the primary election.

The lawyer for the DNC actually claimed that if they wanted to do so the party could pick the candidate in a “smoke filled back room.” I am not kidding here ladies and germs. Even though their own charter states otherwise, the DNC head honchos admit that they don't care. They can PLACE whomever they want, voters be damned. (Sorry Mother that warranted a swear word.) These are the kinds of things that are happening right now while the world FREAKS over the Comey firing and the whole FAKE Russia saga.

Bernie Sanders who was the cheated or wronged party is covering for his friends in the donkey party by not addressing this fraud. Instead he has decided to LIE and put the focus back on the R Word narrative. You see I am committing the crime of honesty now clearly since I was a YUGE Sanders fan. The truth hurts folks and that is why I refuse to follow a leader of ANY kind. We must stop putting our faith in politicians, comedians, celebrities, “infotainment” presenters and all other members of the establishment. (Getting back to Bernie for a moment, when the primary FRAUD was documented his campaign was presented with evidence which he ignored. There were court cases and law suits for that whole saga too.)

The whole Congress has lost collective minds. Have any of you heard word ONE about the real culprit in terms of the election called Interstate Crosscheck? Are we demanding an independent investigation into Crosscheck? Are we demanding that the primary election be investigated at the federal level? I didn't think so. (For details about Interstate Crosscheck, please go to and check out my column called “*&%$#@ Crosscheck.” Hillary refused to broach this REAL reason for the loss because she utilized the process in the primary.)

Suddenly everyone or most everyone is stating things like: “There is no question now that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and it played a role in our election.” Sorry but WRONG, to use one of Trump's fave words. As I said before, he has business dealings with oligarchs in “many, many, a tremendous number of countries.” That was a T impersonation by the by.

Also every time I hear someone claim that “our democracy” is at stake because of Russian interference I want to throw a can of soup at the person saying it. (I thought I'd jazz it up and switch to soup rather than the boring old rock.)

We have not ever had a democracy here in this country. Our “founding fathers” were horrified over democracy. Let us not forget that these men were wealthy land and slave owners who put our govt in play to protect the interests of the wealthy. Hmm not a lot has changed in that department now that I reflect. This is the truth of the matter, my dear sweet readers. Yes of course they had some good things to say and I respect many of them but let's not get lost in love either. We were “founded” on the backs of slaves as “we” exterminated the natives of this land. That is the bitter reality.

I should also mention that Uncle Sam has pranced all over the globe and “interfered” with elections in other countries—even RUSSIA back in the 1990s. The CIA generally carries out these shenanigans all on behalf of the real leaders of the country which would be the corporations. I will take this space to remind you again of an excellent book by Major General Smedley Butler called “War is a Racket.” Butler was the most decorated WWI hero of his day, which would have been in the 1930s clearly.

I'm now going to casually segue back to the talking point of the week which would be the firing of James Comey and how all heads have exploded over it.

I'm very confused about the reaction. First of all, if he fired him because he was “getting close” to unmasking the whole Russian conspiracy then he's crazier than I thought. Just the act of letting this person go automatically brings the focus back to that story line so what would be the point? An injection of energy is now in play due to the “Comey canning.” Also can we keep in mind that there are a lot of agents “on the case” so it's not like anything being investigated would be dropped. In other words, this was not a one man show in terms of the sordid FBI investigation into “Russiagate.” (Spare me.)

A large swath of the population was extremely upset with the “C man” for letting Hillary Clinton off the hook during the primary. It could be that the prez wants to install a person who will be more forthright about the whole HRC saga. (Speaking of which, as I type this the acting director, Andrew McCabe, is also under investigation due to his conflict of interest with, guess who, HILLARY. His wife evidently took a bunch of campaign money from a Clinton type as she was being investigated by the FBI. Are there any good people in office anymore?)

Speaking of HRC, what kind of organization decided to push a candidate on America who was literally under investigation by the FBI? The media tried to poo poo this as did Bernie but the fact of the matter is that she was a hideous candidate. A lot of the so called “right wing conspiracy theories” about the Clintons are actually true. OMZ stop throwing spoiled food at me you partisan hack!

Hillary Clinton was the worst possible candidate at a time when citizens were clamoring for a real change from the establishment that runs this world.

Sticking with her for a moment if I must, the Wikileaks emails (which have never been disputed, by the by) reveal the real story but no one reads or discusses them EVER—other than non corporate media, of course.

Right after Wikileaks released the LEAKED DNC emails the whole Russia narrative sprang to life. In typical form, rather than talk about the contents of the emails the media decided to tackle the source of the leaks. This happens all of the time; when will people wake up to this reality?

The real story here according to Wikileaks (which has a ten year record of perfection but we can't talk about that) was that the DNC COLLUDED with the media in order to elevate “fringe” candidates like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Donald J. Trump. This was a planned attack in order to elevate Hillary Clinton because the others looked so bad in comparison. They didn't realize that it would backfire on them, which it did. (Trumpenstein)

Just reflect on the empty Trump lecterns being shown on all television media during the primary election. We got to view T's plane landing, T's campaign rally people waiting, T's EMPTY stage all whilst Bernie Sanders LITERALLY filled stadiums with 20,000 people, on average and HRC utilized noise machines so the press couldn't record her private fund-raising speeches. This is better than fiction. It's so blatantly obvious that many of us didn't even NEED the DNC emails to prove the point. We could see how the media was playing games.

So there is that truth bomb ladies and germs. If you do not believe me for reasons of being totally loyal to a political party or because you have been following the so called “media” then please check the actual Wikileaks. It's easy to find. By the by, just as a reminder Wikileaks is a publisher of information. It is not some Russian run outlet out to smear only the US of A. They have released info galore about the R Word and others over the years. In fact, democrats used to LOVE that outlet but no longer; I wonder why.

I'm honestly getting tired of this whole deal and I know you are as well. I scream every time I hear the R Word to the point that my voice is shot, much to the delight of Perpetual and others in my path.

Ladies and germs, this is all a giant smoke screen and distraction from the real issues of the day. I hope and dare I say pray (hey it happens from time to time) that most of you have taken my advice and have tossed the televisions out the window.

We are shaped every day by corporate interests spewing forth from newspapers (not this one), radio, television, books and other media.

All the world is a stage, as the saying goes. I think I've done all the damage I can so I shall release you all from bondage at this time.

Just keep in mind that while the left hand is firing a person, the right hand is dropping bombs in YOUR names on a foreign country in the Mideast.

THE END (Interstate Crosscheck, AIPAC)