The Game

I have a terrific idea for a “game” in which we can all participate. This particular activity will allow us to free our minds, look at things objectively and have some downright fun in the process. Situations will become crystal clear to all involved when we take part in said game. Come on, let's get moving!

First of all you have to imagine my saying the above with the tone of a kid's show host. Conjure up thoughts of Sesame Street or Franklin the Turtle or whatever child-like program comes to mind. (Maybe just think of a recent press conference given by our new leader? OK I couldn't resist.)

Imagine that singsong manner of speaking that includes heaping amounts of energy often limited to freaks of nature known as “health nuts.” (Speaking of which, nothing irritates me more than some skinny *&%$# with muscle tone galore telling us slobs to, “change your lives and get motivated!” YUCK—stop with all that enthusiasm as it grates on my last nerve. I believe this serves as a digression and in parenthesis for added points. Just a minute, I'm not done. In Texas I worked with a woman who was over-the-top peppy. During a meeting with the wait staff, one of the managers said that we were to follow her lead in terms of how to dress for work, adjust attitudes, etc. Mind you, we wore uniforms as it was a restaurant, after all. Anyhow, she literally stood up in front of the zombies in attendance—it was a morning gathering—and said, with enthusiasm generally reserved for, well, something enthusiastic, “begin your day ladies by waking up, getting up, making up and then going up!” The makeup part was as in literally applying makeup to the point of taking on the image of an 80s hair band member, for one example. Tammy Faye Bakker comes to mind too, now that I ponder. Don't get me started on the hurricane-proof application of hairspray and the gentle nudge to don pantyhose O plenty. Wow! Now I've really fulfilled my obligation. I'm sorry about that—not really.)

What the heck is the purpose of this column? Oh right, it's the game. It's time to reveal my dastardly plot which will lead all to morph into actual knowledge-laden-patriots.

The instructions for The Game are as follows: Please toss televisions out of the nearest window. I don't mean that literally but if you so desire, have at it. Another method would be to simply watch a limited amount of telly. I recommend The Waltons and programs of that nature, by the by.

Step two of The Game is to pretend like you've never heard of a Democrat or a Republican in your life. Simply become a free thinking individual with no loyalty whatsoever to political parties, news networks, establishment goons, religious organizations, etc., blah, blah. (I know you are catching on to my sick plan at this point but please continue to partake.)

Another important part of The Game is to possess equality in terms of outrage. For instance, if something that President Obama said or did filled you with rage, be so kind as to apply the same amount of ire to actions taken by Agent Orange (AO = President Trump).

Now we can get down to real business since you have decided to play The Game with me. We can openly and honestly criticize all of these dirty, hideous, awful, lying and cheating hypocritical leaders of this country. Isn't it wonderful? (Stop being a party pooper.)

President Agent Orange is a terrible swamp creature who fibs as easily as I say the word “hideous.” (Just in case it slipped by you, it's one of my favorite words.)

I do NOT like this man, his agenda or anything of that nature. However, that does not mean that I possess a blinding hatred for everything he says or does. I'm an equal opportunity offender, to put it mildly.

I just reread that last bit and discovered that I still felt compelled to type a disclaimer, or a comparison, prior to criticizing, which is silly. I am trying to get used to my own rules of The Game. The beauty is that you too have the freedom to refrain from qualifying any future statements all because you agreed to the rules of The Game. I am liberated to the max; I am woman hear me roar, in voices too big to ignore. Oops I just slipped into the 70s briefly, I apologize. (Helen Reddy for my younger readers.)

With all of that being said, I shall now state something that might lead to a massive pearl clutching ceremony. Here I go... I am kind of OK with some of AO's foreign policy jumbled declarations. HEY – STOP throwing those tomatoes at my computer.

Perhaps I should rephrase that and say that ONE is socially acceptable to me; that would be the whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing. Dare I say that I like the fact that AO wants to get along with a super power that owns an arsenal of nuclear weaponry. Call me a crazy dreamer but things like nuclear war are a touch bothersome to little old me. (Speaking of that, I've lost 12 pounds but more importantly, the atomic clock was moved forward for the first time since 1958 about a month ago. It is now 2.5 minutes until “midnight” due to the uncertainty of AO's crazed behavior and the global warming scenario. Just thought I should let you know.)

I'm heading back to Russia, Russia, Russia at this time. We have gone from Julian Assange of Wikileaks stating emphatically that he did not receive the DNC emails from “any state operator in Russia,” to being told daily that Russia “hacked” the election or “interfered.”

(Maybe some of you have forgotten but this began when Wikileaks obtained emails from the Clinton campaign that revealed some serious shenanigans which unfolded during the primary. Other info came to light as well, of course. It was not a pretty scene, to put it delicately.)

Clearly the whole scandal surrounding Michael Flynn is an actual, real, legitimate happening but that does not mean that the election was “hacked” by Russia. It brings to my vivid imagination a picture of Vlad reaching into the already broken down voting machines in order to manipulate the vote. For added fun, it would be carried out whilst Vladdy utilized the famous Vincent Price evil-kind-of laugh. This conclusion is not written in stone—not the part about the evil laugh but I speak of the hacking scenario. (Note the usage of the word HACKING.) Even the 25 page memo from the suddenly trusted and beloved spy agencies were not super conclusive. One must be mindful of word usage, especially in the AO era of “alternative facts,” and the like.

I've been forced to view portions of corporate media as of late just to assess the sitch (situation) and holy guacamole; I'm shocked and chagrined over this red baiting by both parties. I'm used to such shenanigans with the neoconservative members of our lives because they can't pass up a chance to drop bombs madly. (I hate to break it to some of my partisan readers but the charming former president who won the Nobel PEACE Prize 5 seconds after his inaugural, was also fond of bomb “placement.” If memory serves, 26,000 landed in Syria but we can't talk about that because he had a pretty face, was a terrific speaker and had a D near his name.)

Suddenly when AO is in charge, that same party is overtaken with pure joy, love and childlike TRUST for what many call the “Deep State.” This would be the CIA, NSA and other top secret entities possessing 3 capital letters. The cheerful sounds of Kumbaya permeate the atmosphere as of late. I can't help but notice that most all Democrats have fallen head over heels with “deep state” types and they don't question any so-called conclusions. This isn't shocking when it comes to Republicans as I mentioned above. At least they have the common decency to be horrible all of the time, Zeus bless their little hearts of stone.

Not only is it lurid but it's also dangerous to poke the bear, so to speak. These people will do anything to stir the pot O outrage—even when AO says ONE sensible thing, in terms of playing nice with another country.

I recall back in the day when talking heads, crooked politicians and other slimy individuals or groups LOATHED whistle-blowers and claimed that they all put the nation in grave danger. Those same weirdos are now enamored with blowers of whistles. Ladies and germs, at the very least follow the rules of The Game by applying equal amounts of fake indignation no matter which party won any given election.

I'm finally ending the madness for the week. Keep in mind that I fully acknowledge that members of the AO team discussed X, Y and/or Z with Russia, Russia, Russia. That does not mean that the election was somehow handed to AO via “evil” Vladdy and his operators.

This whole sordid saga has once again taken the focus off of something wildly important, which would be, you guess it, the INTERSTATE CROSSCHECK program.

In closing I am going to assign some recommended reading. Did I just say that? Hold me as I've become super punchy. Seriously, I beg you all to peruse the online newspaper, which is FREE, called “The Intercept.” The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald is one of the founders of said outlet. He and his staff commit the crime of real journalism daily.

Another interesting read would be “War is a Racket” by *General Smedley Butler. You can even utilize You Tube and listen to this short book being read to you. It takes one hour. Thank you for your patience in this matter and for putting up with my insanity. Love, peace and all that jazz.

I'm done: THE END and Crosscheck