Are we now living in a nightmare somehow disguised as life? Did anyone really sign up for any of this jazz? Do politicians like Donald Trump, for one example, say things that they don't mean on the campaign trail?

Those and many other questions will not be answered in this week's piece. I will simply attempt to shine a light on a few “interesting” developments on the new continent known hence forth as “Trumpstralia.”

If I recall correctly (and I do), “OOO” (Oh Orange One) actually ran on a “draining the swamp” sort of platform. I remember vividly his stating that donors were in control of all other candidates. Something floats to the forefront of my brain about T being totally against such shenanigans. One thing in particular comes to mind and forgive my paraphrasing; he indicated in no uncertain terms that Ted Cruz was owned by Goldman Sachs. I believe his Democratic opponent was also bashed to the max for paid speeches she gave to GS.

Hmm, I wonder if he is going to appoint anyone from GS to his cabinet. I'm certain that the King of Trumpstralia would simply never stand for such goings on. Certainly his strong moral compass wouldn't allow him to betray his fans. He certainly would never lie to his constituents.

As he was so fond of saying during one of the 15,987 debates, “WRONG.” You see, not only did he do such a thing but he also appears to be loading the above-mentioned swamp with creatures that would make Shrek and his bride dash for the hills whilst clutching Donkey for dear life. (Does the donkey character in Shrek have a name? I have forgotten and honestly don't want to look it up. Anyhow, I think this serves as a digression so I should press on.)

Time, energy, space and lack of sedatives do not permit me to unpack each and every one of the lagoon people so I shall stick with one of his appointments, picks, future people, whatever, for the purposes of this piece.

Before I go any further, please try to keep your brain from yelling things like: “She must have loved Hillary Clinton,” or “Oh, she's just upset because a Republican won.” As I have stated before repeatedly, if we do NOT shed these hideous political identities and think logically, we will be in bigger trouble than we are currently. STOP right this instant with going along with everything because you are a member of X party and you feel you must agree with everything X party says or does. Good gravy, I think that die-hard donkeys (not the one from Shrek) would vote for a squid if he had a D near his name. Elephants would vote for a slug if she had an R nearby the name. I know I'm repeating myself lately but I cannot stress this enough.

Moving back to the topic, I have garnered some information for you pertaining to the king's pick for Secretary of the Treasury. What a name, what a guy, is all I can say.

Steven Mnuchin's father was a banker and partner at Goldman Sachs. He followed in his footsteps and earned tens of millions of dollars at GS over almost 20 years. Following Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin worked with Soros Fund Management and eventually founded his own hedge fund company, Dune Capital Management LP.

I believe I might have heard a whisper from some reactionary types about the evils of George Soros. Hmm, could this be the same Soros from the above-mentioned “Soros Fund Management?” Well what do you know...it sure is.

I am simply clutching my pearls because I was so certain that the king would not select any person remotely associated with GS. How could he do such a thing? I mean he has been so honest, forthright, upfront and always keeps his word.

I can barely stand my own sarcasm at this point. Just in case it slipped by you, the column is not only dripping with sarcasm but has been marinating in it for most of the night.

This person, along with the plethora of others, also has no experience whatsoever in terms of serving in a governmental position.

Honestly, did you really think that a supposed billionaire had your best interests at heart? Did anyone seriously think that he would keep any kind of promises in terms of changing things from the status quo? This whole situation has reached levels that can only be described as sheer insanity. Every day there is another hideous choice for this or that position in the cabinet.

Hillary would have appointed some interesting people too as did President Obama. We know this because they are totally corrupt corporate democratic kind of people, no offense.

However, I believe I heard the King of Trumpstralia raging against all things establishment, all things Wall Street, all things donors and all things business as usual. Could it be that those who voted for him have simply been Trumped?

In addition to the above-mentioned creature, we have people who don't believe in certain departments being appointed to head said departments. It's actually an old trick by the reactionaries. You see, they say that government doesn't work, then they defund various departments and declare: “Told you, government doesn't work.” I believe it's called “starving the beast.”

Many of these weirdos have absolutely no experience whatsoever but hey, that's fine. I'm sure we will all simply be OK with the head of the EPA being a PAID climate change denier. (Follow the money of course and see who owns him. It certainly isn't a scientist. Here's a clue, it's the fossil fuel industry.) Kiss any version of the Clean Air Act goodbye, say hello to that oil pipeline running through a daycare center and whip out the gas masks.

That's all the cheer I can muster for one week.

THE END, peace out and all that happy horse manure.