Support local businesses or else....

Before you read any further please peruse this paper and take a look at all of the businesses who are encouraging the reading area to shop locally. Now that you are back from that assignment, I shall continue.

First of all, I will not be bloviating to the max this week because I just cannot muster the energy at this time. Second of all, I really wish you'd stop exhaling with those YUGE sighs of relief. Todd the Cat (TTC) has been airlifted to Conneautville at this point. (Actually, I have news about TTC. Please remind me to write about that in an upcoming column.)

Here is the deal: I promised to make this piece light and airy due to my serious tone in last week's issue. I am going to follow through but you know that it is very difficult for me to be sweet, kind, gentle and effective. It just isn't in my nature and my brain is fighting the rest of me to the max at this time. !*^%$#@ oh dear, I don't know what happened with that cartoon swear word, it's like I have no control—HELP!

Moving along, there is a point to this blather, believe it or not. In my not-so-humble view, we need to unite as communities and support each other the best we can. I don't mean that we should sing campfire songs whilst clutching one another and rocking back and forth—although, that sounds super therapeutic. What I'm trying to say is that we need to follow the advice of many advertisers in this particular issue and support the LOCAL economy. Sorry to yell certain words but remember, I'm still going against my personal grumpy grain and it's exceptionally difficult to remain calm.

For example, Conneautville residents should be elated that they have an actual hometown supermarket as should Linesville and Conneaut Lake dwellers. These small business owners could be looking at an uncertain future so please try and throw them some dough.

That not only goes for grocery stores but hardware stores, gift shops, restaurants, local accountants, pharmacists and all others. I feel that I might get in trouble if I don't mention every type of business in the area so please read between the lines. Good gravy, I don't have all day to list everything by name or product so deal with it. Oops—I started slipping into my normal personality. If you would be so kind as to forgive my error, I would be greatly appreciative.

I spoke with a nameless and faceless person over the phone today who happens to be a pharmacist. This person is independent and is not associated with any kind of corporate chain, so to speak. You would not believe the hoops this man or woman must dive through in order to break even.

He or she imparted that many times these YUGE insurance companies end up NOT even compensating him for his cost of certain pharmaceutical products. For instance, he or she spends X amount on drug Z. After insurance is through he doesn't get close to X but is oft' given less than X. (Good gravy, I have no clue if that illustration clears this up or muddies the waters further. Plus many clients or customers are being told to visit the corporate kind of pharmacies instead. Sorry but I'm not good at insurance or numbers so get the *^%$# off my case. Oh dear, I'm failing miserably again with my attempt at being kind and delightful.)

I believe I mentioned in passing (yes sarcasm is intended) that we have morphed into a corporatocracy. That is an actual word which means this: a society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations. (I attempted to illustrate this in the above scenario involving the mysterious pharmacist. Maybe I failed but at least I'm trying to type original pieces weekly, much to your chagrin.)

I promised not to go too crazy this week with my corporate takeover language, etc. and am sticking to that right about now...

Anyhow, I really don't have much more to say as I believe I've made my point and in a super nice manner, as is my way. Just typing those words has produced a cavity.

Please keep these area small businesses going by supporting them as much as humanly possible. If we don't hold our communities together then we are really looking at a grim future. I know it's tempting to hit the big box stores and carry out online shopping plus I understand that many have no option due to hideous paychecks. If at all possible, please travel to Conneautville, Linesville, Conneaut Lake and other hamlets in between and help those who have been loyal to us.

I think I'm done.


P.S. For further reading, please go to, click on “Lisa's Rants and Raves” and check out a column I penned several months ago. I believe it's called: “The real welfare queen.” Hold on, let me check to be sure... OK, it's called, “The TRUE Welfare Queen.” Thank you very much and feel free to stop again.