Truth or consequences

We have a dangerous situation unfolding here in this country and I'm here to weigh in, as is my nature.

It has come to my attention over the last several years that there is a certain segment of society (henceforth known as a noun of sorts: SOS) that does not recognize truth nor does it believe absolute evidence. The ironic part of this is that SOS will make a claim and then state something like, “and that is the TRUTH.”

I guess the word truth is being used in an inappropriate manner and you know I'm all about being totally appropriate at all times.

The above-mentioned nameless and faceless SOS has declared that fact checking organizations are liars. (I refuse to type out just exactly who this group of anonymous citizens might be. Do you really think I'm THAT crazy? OK, maybe I shouldn't have asked that particular question. Digressing in brackets delights me so.)

Not only have they come to the false conclusion that the Pulitzer Prize winning “Politifact” is faking information to benefit “the left,” but they also claim that other truth extracting outlets are full of male bovine excrement as well., Snopes and others have now been accused of covering for one side of the political spectrum in order to demonize the other.

I have seen somewhat of a formula that might help to explain this blatant madness. You see, about 20 years ago, give or take, a talking point or a group of talking points began to emerge that went something like this: “You cannot trust the liberal media.” “Liberal elites at colleges and universities are brainwashing students so that they only get a liberal view on history.” “The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!” That is when liberal evidently became some sort of hideously dirty word. People recoiled in horror when they heard such a thing and, of course, massive pearl clutching unfolded.

Demonizing the educated class and labeling those with said higher learning credentials has led to the dumbing down of society at large, and small. Anything that is uttered from the mouth of a college professor is declared to be a part of some huge conspiracy to indoctrinate the youth of our nation. That way anyone with academic accomplishments or any teacher of FACTUAL empirically based information is seen to be a “snooty liberal elitist with an agenda.” Get it? Heck, I'm not even sure I can follow my own blather at this point.

In columns gone by I have declared that we seem to elevate ignorance in this country. Some television programs, for one example, glorify so-called “rednecks” and give a thumbs up to plain old stupidity.

Getting back to the point of this bloviating session, I have concluded that the reason why SOS will not accept the truth of the matter/matters is because they have been groomed to LOATHE all things that originate from an educated source.

Allow me to give one example of this insanity. The other day someone posted something on Facebook that was blatantly false. (This individual will be dubbed Person P.) The false claim was from a site called The Boston Tribune. Here is the headline: “First Grandma Marian Robinson to Receive Lifetime $160K Government Pension.” Just by seeing it in print I could tell it was bogus but, as usual, I had to provide a term paper in order to attempt to convince Person P of his error.

It took me less than five seconds to debunk this ridiculous claim but even that was not enough proof for Person P. He, maybe she, literally argued about it even after I pointed out, gently yet effectively, that the Boston Tribune is nothing but trashy fake “news.” (It would be like someone believing that The Onion was strictly factual and not satirical and maybe even wanting to sue them—Wait! Now that I ponder, a certain presidential candidate wanted to sue The Onion for disparaging remarks.)

According to that suddenly infamous site called Snopes—you know, one of the many that only picks on poor conservatives, The Boston Tribune is “a fake news site that masquerades as the online arm of a legitimate big-city newspaper....” Even that did not work because Person P declared that fact checking organizations have been PROVEN (there is that word again or a variation thereof) to lie for the Democrats.

This is unbelievable ladies and germs. What will it take in order for SOS to seek and believe the truth? Another ironic twist is that these same folks will believe everything that is shown on Faux So-Called News or that exits the mouth of Rush Limbaugh.

In 1994 a book was written about Rush in which his lies were totally exposed. This book is brimming with a plethora of footnotes and all sorts of PROOF of his inability to tell the truth. Guess what... I presented that evidence to a person who can be lumped in with SOS and big surprise, he did NOT believe the book. There have been tons of documentaries, books, etc., pertaining to how Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party and is in no way fair, balanced, factual, honest or true. They literally push a false narrative day after day. However SOS refuses to take a gander at any of the evidence.

As much as it shames me to admit to this, I used to live for Fox. You may even remember if you've been reading this since the beginning of time. (By the by, you deserve some kind of coupon for a free mental health evaluation if you have been a “fan” since day one. I'll see what I can do.) I too was taken in by this jazz so I speak from experience.

In a way I'm sort of glad because I can relate to that mindset. In another way, I oft' want to leap from a building for allowing myself to be duped by their nonsense. Anyhow, I think that “news agency” has played a major part in misinforming the public and leading to the SOS crisis. It is quite shameful, in my not so humble opinion. I've made it abundantly clear over the past year or more that I'm not a fan of any corporate news and do not partake in viewing such things. Faux doesn't even fit the mold of anything other than a propaganda outlet.

My fellow citizens: We simply cannot afford to continue to be uneducated when it comes to real, live truth. We have to recognize that there is such a thing as evidence backed proof, facts, reality or whatever one wants to label such a thing.

Well, I think I've offended enough people at this time so I best take position under my desk and commence getting acquainted with the dust bunnies once again. Yes, I can feel the pitchforks approaching with speed and agility. - THE END.