North Korea or USA?

You know how some people say that other people become overly offended over everything? Actually, I've penned pieces about that very thing in the past now that I reflect. I do believe there is a problem with what I like to call the TPF epidemic, which means “Tissue Paper Feelings” epidemic. However, it never ceases to amaze me how those who claim that others suffer from TPF are the first and the LOUDEST to be stricken with that ailment when things don't exactly go their way.

Oh my “gravy,” as Perpetual (life long partner) would say. If you can understand that opening gobbledygook then you have been officially promoted to Lieutenant Columbo status. If you have no clue of whom I speak then please use the infamous Google technique because I don't have the space or the brain cells currently.

I am beyond flabbergasted over the reaction of something that unfolded over this past weekend. Actually, it would be the weekend prior to this past one but I think you all understand that by now.

Collective heads exploded, massive pearl clutching took place and full-blown rage was on display due to a football player not standing for the national anthem.

Honestly, I debated with myself over writing this piece because people are having such visceral reactions and I fear for my life. Perpetual is afraid that we will awaken to some sort of front yard destruction but if you've seen my front yard, I don't think anyone would really notice.

What on earth is going on here ladies and gentlemen? Are citizens really and truly having massive melt-downs because a quarterback did not stand for the national anthem? Am I stuck in some kind of North Korean nightmare? Are we now required, upon penalty of rage, to line up like little soldiers on a kid's playroom floor and fall in line by participating in anything having to do with the flag or the anthem? Sorry but that sounds a bit “dictatorship like” to me.

Just in case this passed you by somehow, I shall try to give you a brief overview of this most egregious situation.

The quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers by the name of Colin Kaepernick took a stand by sitting out the anthem during a pre-season game. The reason that he gave was due to the oppression of many Americans. In fact, I shall plunk the direct quote right here so you too can become filled with ire and hate: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color...To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."

Oh my goodness! The pure chutzpah of this man to voice his opinion is simply overwhelming and absurd. Clearly I am attempting to be sarcastic here but in this day and age I must break up the flow of my columns in order to point that out but I digress.

Moving along and quickly because I'm super pressed for time, did anyone ever stop to think that what he is doing is actually quite “American?” From what I can gather on social media, I don't think that people are seeing how insane their logic is when it comes to this.

I thought the whole idea of “freedom” in the country was to be able to peacefully protest without being called hideous and racist names after doing so. Also, as usual, the lead is being buried in this whole sordid saga because people are focusing on what he did (or didn't do) rather than why he did or didn't do it.

Could we take just a moment to reflect or research or ask ourselves why someone or a group of people might feel this way? Could we manage to try an ounce of empathy? I didn't think so but thought I'd give it a shot.

Believe it or not there are people being oppressed right here in the US of A. When certain individuals who are UNARMED get mowed down and the officer in question gets paid time off, then that tends to stir the pot of unrest.

Call me dumb and I'm certain you are but I just assumed that everyone kind of understood that African-American citizens have not had an easy time of it, so to speak. Judging by social media and so called mainstream media, one might not come to the same conclusion.

Just one more thing before I flee into the night and hide out from the repercussions of penning such a piece; it matters not ONE bit if this quarterback makes a gazillion dollars a year. He was NOT speaking of his own struggles in life but rather was bringing to light that others have been and are currently suffering. You know, he was showing that elusive empathy.

In my opinion, we should admit to our faults as a nation and try to better things. Let's ponder on why this man sat during the anthem instead of focusing on just that fact and that fact alone.

And just one tiny tiny question before I prep for hiding out for a month: To all those who loathe anything “politically correct,” how does it feel now that YOU are the ones being so PC? Hmm with that, I shall dash for the hills.