Haphazard vs. prepped, a brief case study [ A rerun from 7/11/15]

Believe it or not, I am beginning to pound out my piece for the paper that will be dated July 13 already, and it's only July 3. Gather yourselves together as I know that is absolutely shocking news. Maybe you didn't realize this but, I usually don't start my columns this far in advance of the deadline. Therefore, I'm even bewildered by my own actions.

The reason for the early bird status is because I am currently perched on my porch, waiting for Perpetual (other half) to arrive so we can journey off on a weekend camping trip. Mind you, I generally do not camp with P and have not been to his “Bear Camp” in literal years. It's starting to sink in as to why I usually take on the status of “happy SOLO camper.” As most of you understand, I am always driven when it comes to sharing my views with all mammals in my path until they stampede away, mass exodus style. This is no exception so off I go.

I'm not sure if other people have the following problem with significant others. It is the fact that one person in said partnership is a planner and the other is a “fly by the seat of the pants or pantyhose,” kind of companion.