A not so funny thing happened

Do you remember that old comic line that went something like this: “A funny thing happened along the way to the Forum?” Well I have a Houserman twist on that saying, which should come as no big surprise.

Something major happened while zombies were glued to mainstream (also known as corporate) media. Maybe this sounds better: Real news took place as Americans opted for “newstainment” and I'm here to tell you about it. Either way, I am here to unload wildly.

On April 11 a very large gathering of concerned citizens arrived on the steps of the Capital and took part in a sit-in. They did so after marching from Philly for several days. The name of the group or the movement is Democracy Spring.

Thousands of people from all walks of life and political affiliations put aside other differences in order to protest money in politics and to shine a light on our voting policies here in the land of the supposed free. “One person, one vote,” was one of the various chants booming over megaphones. “Overturn Citizens United” was another one. At last count there were close to 1,000 arrests, which is the largest number of arrests EVER to take place at that particular location.

Mind you, this was an exceptionally peaceful protest but they didn't file for permits or leap through legal hoops prior to assembling. Reason being, many wanted to be arrested in order to make a statement. So, people were not fist fighting and/or participating in violent acts of disobedience. They simply sat on the steps of the Capital without special permission, which led to the above-mentioned RECORD breaking number of arrests. (Many people opted out of the arrest portion of the event and gathered behind heavily policed lines.)

An actress by the name of Rosario Dawson was taken into custody as was Cenk Uygur who runs the largest online news and commentary agency on the globe. Those are just two who come to mind. (It just came to my attention that Ben and Jerry of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream were also placed in a paddy wagon. Not sure if that is one or two words as it is used both ways online. I just am getting sick of using the word “arrested.” I've now digressed so we can move forward.)

One might conclude that many news organizations would be “on it” but of course they were not. However, RT America, Democracy Now, The Young Turks and other non corporate outlets were on the scene. (I'm sick of saying mainstream or corporate news and am thinking you must be tiring of it as well. Therefore, I shall refer to such organizations as fake media outlets or fake news or fake whatever. I think you get the point.)

I should also point out that this event unfolded over a period of a week or more and did not simply take place on one day. Therefore, there was plenty of time for fake reporters to at least make an attempt at being journalists.

Hmm, I wonder why Fox News gave it 17 seconds of coverage and CNN dedicated a whole 15 seconds to the MASSIVE rally. By the by, leave it to Fox to impart only a portion of the story. They neglected to state anything about the getting money out of politics scenario and instead claimed that the protest was about voting rights only. They are nothing if not consistent.

Speaking of CNN (Clinton News Network), about 2 weeks ago there was a protest in front of their Los Angeles headquarters. I'm not sure how many participated in that one but it was a very large crowd. I think Fox reported that there were 200 and NBC said 2,000 so take your pick as it really isn't the point. The actual point was to take CNN to task for basically partaking in a Bernie Sanders blackout.

Just for ONE example as to why citizens were up in arms was due to the fact that after one of the recent primaries, all candidates had a chance to speak except for Bernie Sanders. They even gave airtime to John Kasich who has as much of a chance as Todd the Kitten in terms of clinching the Republican nomination. (This is not the only time that fake news has ignored our dear Bernie. It is just an example.)

So we had reaction from Clinton, Cruz and Kasich. Then something totally exciting happened. I mean people were transfixed and thrilled to the marrow because, now hold on to something, they got to gaze at an empty stage! Calm down. I know this is too much but please stay with me. You see, viewers got to literally stare at an EMPTY Trump podium and lectern region for about 30 minutes. The networks did not dare cut away from the vacant area because there was a possibility of missing Trump. We cannot and will not have that. We must take in every single speech he imparts no matter what. We will not neglect Trump. Of course this all happened as talking heads, who share bubble living space, blathered on incessantly about anything under the sun but Bernie Sanders as they eagerly awaited the man of the hour.

Moving back to the protest in Los Angeles, the citizens outside of CNN asked for them to do their jobs, which will not happen since they are toeing the corporate line, of course.

Keeping with Clinton News Network for another moment, allow me to let you in on a little secret. This might be shocking to the masses but it is true. The parent company of CNN is on the top ten list of donors to the Clinton campaign.

This information should absolutely be divulged any time she sits down with one of the pretty faces for a cheering session—I mean an interview. I have to give credit where it is due and will do so now. Jorge Ramos did that very thing when he took part in moderating a debate several months back. He actually said, “Full disclosure, my daughter works for your campaign, Secretary Clinton....” After Perpetual (life long partner) helped me off the floor, I cheered madly for Mr. Ramos as he displayed something we haven't seen in modern day reporting, which would be journalistic integrity. Can you imagine? (I just checked to make sure I spelled Jorge Ramos correctly and found out that his nickname is, “The Walter Cronkite of Latino America.” Good for him as it shows. You might recall he was one of the first reporters that The Donald pitched from a news conference.)

With that I must exit stage left. There is no casual segue to an ending or a cute little bow involved in wrapping it all up. I shall just leave you to ponder the above-mentioned jazz. Hopefully you too will become enraged over the state of our fake - See Media page 24


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media. That way we can all fly to windows and yell out that famous statement, “I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!” (Won't that be special?)