The glorification of weird stuff

You will be relieved to know that this column probably won't be very lengthy this week. Your sighs of relief have officially knocked Todd the kitten over and for that, I am grateful.

Speaking of Todd, he is worse than a nursing baby. I got more sleep when The Child was called The Baby and had me up every other hour of the night. Now that I digressed without even stating a topic, I shall press on.

I'm certain that this will offend people as that is the “go-to-position” in this day and age. Oh well, it's either that or submit a rerun, which I came very close to doing this week due to the fatigue scenario.

The other night as Perpetual (life partner) and I were eagerly awaiting a televised debate, I noticed something odd. I am pretty sure I'm late to the game in terms of taking note of the obvious but am sharing anyway.

After taking in a plethora of commercials for television shows ranging from something called Redneck Island to Party Down South, I had a bold revelation—one might even say an epiphany. I reflected back on shows of yesteryear and found myself being appalled. (I had to use Mother's favorite word.)

Now, I don't want to come off sounding like some boring prude who clutches pearls due to the state of entertainment these days. That isn't really the point but I suppose I should get to that and pronto.

This might sound harsh and I guess it is. I have no gentle way of saying it so I shall simply launch, as is my custom.

In my not so humble opinion, there is a segment of society that appears to take total pride in a backward way of life. Here is exactly what I said to Perpetual, “P, we are glorifying ignorance.”

Before I bury myself deeper than usual, I will expound. I'm not talking about people who are truly ignorant in the literal sense of the word so just stop with those thoughts. I speak of those who know better but ADORE things like Honey Boo Boo and other insane programming. What is going on here folks? (I was just told that Honey went off the air ages ago, which shows you how up to date I am.) This isn't totally limited to taking in the above-mentioned gobbledygook. I also speak of those who think that anyone with a college degree is somehow an elitist or a liberal loon.

When did we decide that garnering a higher level of education was some kind of social taboo? When did we decide that the glorification of ignorance was a wonderful American quality?

Speaking of the educational process, I am totally for people attending trade schools and carrying out other ways of on the job training.

Those of you who have been with me from the start (good gravy bless your hearts) know that I have oft' declared that college is simply not for everyone. I find value in alternative methods of seeking knowledge.

However, I am simply flabbergasted when I hear fellow human beings declare that colleges are simply areas in which kids are indoctrinated. I am also stunned and dismayed when I witness citizens of these fine United States taking great pleasure in “redneck role models.” What?

I know that much of this jazz is supposed to be entertaining to the masses but clearly it is having an effect on society.

Can we all make some sort of promise to at least check out a science or history channel in the near future? Thank you. I appreciate your support.

As promised, I am now leaving you. I will hide under that infamous dusty computer desk region as I'm certain pitchforks are poised and ready. Before I do that I must get back to The Walton's followed by Little House on the Prairie.

The End