Random thoughts part 27 (?)

I haven't a clue as to what to type this week. I mean there are so many horrid things unfolding on this little blue dot in the universe. I'm finding it most difficult to concentrate on just one subject. That really should come as no real surprise though.

I shall do as I've done before and simply spew forth thoughts as they float through the massive dumping ground that is my mind.

How can a man who has LITERALLY given no details whatsoever be leading the polls on the Republican side? Not only that but he is totally out of control in terms of, how can I say this nicely.... being a total liar.

Just in case you are not clear, I speak of none other than the man with a baby orangutan on his head. I know that is the go-to joke when it comes to the creature known as Donald Trump but I cannot get over that do! I'm even using one of these, ! I rarely do that, by the by.

I have never fact checked so many statements in my life as I have lately relating to the poor excuse for a human being. Look, I'm not even afraid of offending any reader who might be enamored with this brute.

The man stirs up hatred. I mean, how better can I put it? He has caused a homeless LEGAL resident of Mexican heritage to be beaten up; has said that the Black Lives Matter protester who was wrestled to the ground, choked and kicked at one of his events, “deserved to be roughed up,” and has, in general, wreaked havoc on all in his path.

Sticking with the political theme, there is something that drives me to reach for heavy meds. It is right up there with nails on a chalkboard and rubbing a balloon in order to make that horrendous sound. Can you guess what this might be? OK, since you give up I shall spill the beans. It's the wretched laugh emitted by one Hillary Clinton.

Hold me tightly as every time I hear her laugh it puts me in the mind of the mating call of a hyena or something along those lines. It sounds super fake to me and grates on my last nerve. With that, I shall casually segue into something else.

As I said, this will be all over the map because I'm simply pouring thoughts onto “paper” as they come up.

I have a new hobby and I'm almost ashamed to admit it but I will, all in the name of entertainment, mind you. The hobby consists of researching goofy things I see on social media.

For those who do not know what social media is, I simply cannot believe that you aren't aware of the world around you. I refuse to accept it.

I speak of Facebook, in this particular case, but it can relate to other online social areas. You know the kind of internet regions in which people love to share everything from what they are having for dinner to pictures of horribly abused animals and children.

As an observer of human nature that I am, I have taken on a study of sorts—and in my own head, pertaining to false statements made by people on a daily basis. In my over abundance of free time, I find myself actually fact checking various memes. Does this illustrate to you just how insanely mundane my life can be at times?

Good gravy, just reading back over this has made me question my self-worth. I simply have odd hobbies these days. I'm sure you miss the good old times when I would camp every other minute and bore darling you with the details. (I'm digressing aren't I? I sure hope so anyway.)

I should define the word “meme” as it relates to Facebook so that you can follow my train of thought. I'm not sure that I can follow my own train of thought. In terms of an internet meme, this is the most concise definition I found: “An Internet meme is a cultural phenomenon that spreads from one person to another online.” In the case of Facebook, it is generally a picture with words or phrases appearing directly on said picture or image.

I'm going to give an example of something that I debunked within 10 seconds as it relates to an untrue meme which has been in circulation for some time now.

Imagine a picture of George Washington. OK, do you have that in your mind? Let us continue then. The following words were plastered on the picture: “When government takes away citizens' right to bear arms it becomes citizens' duty to take away the government's right to govern.”

OK for those of you who are paying attention, you have probably already ascertained that this is simply not a true statement that came from the wooden mouth of our dear daddy. I think the wooden teeth thing is also false but again I digress.

I simply traveled over to a little place called “PolitiFact” in order to investigate. Here are my findings. According to Edward Lengel, editor in chief of the Papers of George Washington project at the University of Virginia, this is a falsehood.

"The idea of resistance to tyranny being dependent on a nation of gun-wielding individuals acting at their own behest or even on local initiative would have been anathema to Washington," Lengel told PolitiFact Texas. "Indeed, during the (Revolutionary) war he very frequently lamented the crimes carried out by armed civilians or undisciplined militia against their unarmed neighbors. The solution to these crimes, as he understood it, was to increase the power of the government and the army to prevent and punish them -- not to put more guns in the hands of civilians."

This happens all of the time in terms of fake quotes from the framers of the Constitution or Founding Fathers, if you prefer. Sometimes the poster of said meme simply leaves out the whole statement. Other times, it is nowhere to be found in the actual history of the nation. I think you get the picture.

Just one more thing before I sign off and take cover from the pitchfork factor. If you are cruising down the road and accidentally kill a cat or dog, please have the humanity to, at the very least, try to ascertain to whom the animal belonged. Stop the *&%$# vehicle, no matter the hour of the day, and at least make an attempt.

I realize that we live in a rural area and sometimes things like this cannot be avoided but I cannot tell you the number of times that my dear Best Friend Nurse Karen has told me of a cat being plowed down in front of her home. The person just goes along his/her merry way.

As you know, this happened to our dear Sir Sly Cooper Lightning Tail the other week as well. I realize that if he were strictly an inside kitty, this would not have unfolded at all so just stop with your judgments. I feel horrible about it as well. Our animals are all fixed and they do run in and out. Sir Sly would have been miserable had he not had that freedom. I know that is the risk we take here on Route 6. I get all of that but I also think that some humanity is necessary in terms of hitting an animal. At the very least, move him/her off the road.

Well, I believe I've pulled it off again this week. I've managed to offend, lecture and impart boring stories. Happy Holidays!! Oh dear, there is that “War on Christmas” rearing its ugly head. More on that later...