Rerun on when to phone

I knew that there was something I was forgetting, as of late, but I simply couldn't solve the mystery. Then, something hideous happened which caused my gray cells to spring into action. You see, someone had the audacity to pick up a telephone and dial my number before the hour of EIGHT in the morn. Can you believe it?

That major catastrophe led me to remember my column about not telephoning in the wee hours of the day. This is actually a rerun that I submit on an annual basis, for all the good it does me, so that fellow human beings might heed my warning.

As was indicated, in the sentence above, it really doesn't work very well but, I keep trying. Who am I fooling anyway? I didn't have anything original for this week and knew that I could fall back on the old jazz. Here goes...

This is a Stick-Up, Drop that Phone