Singing Our Hearts Out

Welcome! Fallowfield United Methodist Church hosted an old-fashioned hymn sing on September 17. It was such an encouraging and uplifting night. The congregation shouted out favorite hymns, such as “Crown Him Lord of All,” “Standing on the Promises,” “Amazing Grace,” and “The Old Rugged Cross.” It’s so wonderful to hear people singing their hearts out to their favorite hymns. It’s kind of like hearing people worship with their voices while singing “Silent Night” or “Joy to the World” at Christmas. People love these songs that have endured for centuries. There’s a reason, you know? They have the same power and meaning today as they had the day they were published.

Sue and Karl Dennis, Mark Putman, and Gerry Osborn sang “I Surrender All,” and “I’ve Got a Mansion,” accompanied by Sue Dennis. I don’t know how she can sing and play the piano at once. I admire musicians who can do both.

Fallowfield’s own Pastor Larry Corner sang “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days)” by Jamie O’Hara and recorded by The Judds. He also performed “You Are My All in All,” by Dennis Jernigan, and recorded by Natalie Grant and many others.

Mark Putman played a medley of praise and worship songs based on Psalms 10 through 12, and Gerry Osborn and Mark Putman sang “Are You Washed in the Blood?,” accompanied by their guitars. Again -- wow!

Fallowfield had a spaghetti dinner to benefit future community needs on September 16. It was well attended, and the food was fantastic. They had homemade pie for dessert, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to eat any. I’m about pied out. Instead, I enjoyed a delicious spice cupcake with pumpkin icing.

Speaking of pumpkins, autumn is here. It started Friday, September 22. I’ve already seen a sign advertising pumpkins for sale. Apple cider should be coming soon. I saw squash at Locust Grove, an Amish produce stand in Atlantic, back in August. I love butternut squash. Acorn is my second favorite, because it reminds me of my late Grandma, Millie Moore. She loved serving it at fall dinners and always tried to persuade me to try it. I finally did, and I liked it. But I was in my 20s at the time. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole as a kid.

Acorns have been pelting my roof for a few days. I have a 150-year-old white oak that shades the back of my house. It drops hundreds of acorns in October. We’re a good two weeks ahead of schedule on acorns, I’d say. Leaves are already turning red, but I actually saw red leaves the last week of August. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re going to have a hard winter. It’s been sunny and in the 80s for the past two weeks in the Atlantic community. This is remarkable for September. I heard the high temperature is supposed to drop to the 60s later this week. We’ll see.

While we’re enjoying gorgeous weather, please keep the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in your prayers. I can’t imagine the devastation, and how much it has affected their lives. Your prayers just might remind them that Jesus is with them before, during, and after the storms of life.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!