What’s Blocking Your Path?

Welcome! We’ve had crazy weather in the Atlantic community this month. One day the high temperature is in the 20s, and the next day spring-like rain and gusting winds almost blow us off the map.

During my walk last Wednesday, when winds gusted 50 miles per hour, a downed tree blocked everyone’s path except mine. Cars had to turn around, but I stepped right over it. Traveling over obstacles with a car can be easy if they’re low to the ground, but not if they require a step up and over.

Sometimes technology makes our path harder rather than easier. You can’t drive a car over a tree, but I could easily step over it.

Most of my problems aren’t this simple. I typically can’t rely on my own ability to solve a problem. Most of the time I need help from another person or, more often, from God. Relying on man-made things usually doesn’t help. But sometimes I have to remind myself of this. How often have I searched the Internet for advice instead of praying about my problem first?

It’s so silly. I can find answers in the Bible much easier than online. But when I’m looking for a solution an online search seems quick and effective. Sometimes I can get even get expert advice. But whose advice could contain more expertise than God’s? He will give us wisdom and help when we ask for it. Take whatever is blocking your path to God. He will help you.

Calvary United Methodist Church is hosting a Lenten lunch on Wednesday, March 15, at 11:30 a.m. Lunch costs $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. Special music will be provided By Brad McCrimmon, accompanied by Sally Smith on the piano. The Reverend Janet Pratt of Methodists United in Faith Charge will speak. These are always nice, uplifting events. You are welcome to attend whether you attend another church or are seeking a relationship with Jesus.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!