God’s Sense of Humor

Welcome! I don’t know about you, but I’m surely looking forward to spring. I watch for coltsfoot when I walk. When I see those pretty yellow flowers with their sturdy stalks I know spring is around the corner.

My daughter is playing volleyball this spring. She enjoys it, despite the grueling schedule.

Having a child play sports is nothing unusual, unless the child is mine. It’s wildly ironic that my daughter likes sports. I hate sports. I see absolutely no purpose in athletic competitions. I know a lot of people love sports because they love competition. They love seeing people give everything they’ve got so they can win.

I see the value in the exercise and self-discipline sports provide. They are good ways to keep teenagers out of trouble, or so I’ve heard. Teenagers’ time is very structured when they play sports. But the irony of my daughter playing volleyball is almost incredible.

Gym was a punishment for me throughout junior high and high school. It was a nightmare. Volleyball was the absolute worst. It seemed I was the only person in any of my gym classes who couldn’t figure out how to play volleyball.

A lot of people set up volleyball nets in summer and play a game when their family or friends come by. Not my family. I’d never even heard of volleyball until I was in elementary school. And as time went on volleyball became the worst part of the gym schedule.

When I was a senior I somehow managed to serve the ball over the net. Once. Mr. Tucci, my gym teacher, blew the whistle and stopped the game. Why? So he could announce that I actually served the ball over the net. True story.

Maybe the reason my daughter likes volleyball has something to do with God’s sense of humor.

Fallowfield United Methodist Women made more than 600 chicken pies this month. We had great crews both days. All profits will benefit missions. Have a wonderful week. Blessings!