Welcome! Last Wednesday night my daughter made me a chocolate sundae with M&Ms and Butterfingers mixed in. It was such a treat. It felt so nice to be waited on.

Don’t you sometimes someone would take care of you as they did when you were a child? My Grandma Louden was an expert at this. She knew how to say the right thing and put a hopeful spin on any situation. Sometimes I’d spend the night with her. The memories I made with her always make me smile. She would typically take me to Perkins for a club sandwich. Then we’d go back to her apartment and watch “The Golden Girls” while she made me a caramel sundae. She was the best.

Almost all of my favorite memories of Grandma Louden center around food. She was a fabulous cook, and she excelled at baking. I’ve never been able to make my sugar cookies taste as good as hers. I don’t know what her secret was; it’s still safe with her.

What comforts you? Ice cream? Pizza? Toasted Cheese and tomato soup?

Maybe it’s a movie. I love the Jane Austen movies – I know, they’re definitely written for women. But they’ve certainly stood the test of time. “Sense and Sensibility” was written in 1811. Guys, maybe you like “Forrest Gump” or “The Blind Side.” These are great, mostly uplifting, movies.

If you’re bummed out by the gray skies and rain, make your favorite comfort food and watch your favorite movie. I recommend “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I know, it’s not Christmas, but most of the movie isn’t set during Christmas. Snuggle up in your favorite blanket and smile. You’ll feel better in no time.

Speaking of comfort food, Fallowfield United Methodist Women are just about ready to make chicken pies. We’ll start this Saturday, February 4, at 8 a.m. We’ll also make pies on Saturday, February 18. All net profits will be divided among missionaries and charities.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!