What Lights You Up?

Welcome! I finally took down my Christmas decorations last Monday. Then I put up a three-foot pencil tree. It’s illuminated with white lights. I don’t decorate it. I also left my icicle lights up outside. It helps to have lights up until February. January is so very dark.

I’m so glad I live in an age of electricity. I can’t imagine how gloomy life must’ve been when candles were the only light after sunset. You’d have to have a whole bunch of candles burning to light a room as well as a couple LED bulbs will.

Who or what brings light into your life? Maybe it’s a child or grandchild. Children are such gifts from God.

A lot of people take joy in their pets. My son adores our cat. I’ve seen pure joy in my daughter’s eyes when she plays with my Mom and Dad’s kitten. My sister lights up when she’s with her dogs.

Some people love their work. It enhances their lives. Others shine while volunteering.

I’ll tell you one thing that brightens my life – music. I listen to music while I do housework and when I exercise. It energizes and encourages me. Playing my trumpet in my church’s praise ensemble also gives me great joy. I’m such a verbal person. It’s a blessing to enhance the congregation’s worship experience with a nonverbal expression of worship and love for my savior.

I hope God floods your life with light this week.

Fallowfield United Methodist Women are gearing up to make chicken pies on Saturday, February 4, and Saturday, February 18. It’s lots of fun. It’s so different from making fruit and cream pies for the fair. It’s a lot easier, frankly. After all, we’re only making one flavor, as opposed to 13.

Here’s how it works: A few people cook chicken at the church a day or two in advance. Others come to the church around 5 a.m. on pie making days and cook gravy. The rest of us either make and roll pie crust, mix chicken and gravy for the filling, or top and crimp the pies. We make these assembly line style, then bag and label them with baking instructions. That’s that.

All net profits will be divided among missionaries and charities.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!