Exercising Faith

Welcome! I’d like to address faith this week. It’s not an easy topic. I admire people with strong faith. Faith doesn’t come naturally to me – I have to work at it. It’s hard trusting God with every aspect of my life.

It’s silly, but I trust God with my eternal destiny more willingly than with my finances. I worry about not having enough money for next week or month. I worry checks will bounce. Not that I’m spendthrift. Not at all. I’m very careful with money. I simply use money as an example because I think most of us can relate to this.

The story of the widow’s mites comes to mind (Luke 21:1-4). Here was a woman with absolutely no money. She had no savings account, no sock fund, no security. She had no husband, and, presumably no son to provide for her. Still she gave all the money she had to the Temple’s collection box that day. It caught Jesus’ attention, and her act of faith has been testified to for more than 2,000 years.

Imagine! She obeyed God and has been an example of faith from that time until now. I wonder how God provided for her. Did she go home and find some money her husband hid in a jar before he died? Did she remarry? Did a relative or friend step in and provide for her? Or did she pass away soon thereafter in her sleep, going straight to the arms of God? We won’t know this side of heaven. But she is inspiring, isn’t she?

Hebrews 11:1 reads, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (NIV) Let’s try to find a way to exercise faith this week. When an opportunity to trust God in challenging circumstances presents itself, let’s take a chance and have faith God will work it out for our good.

If I achieve my goal I’ll update you next week. Sound good?

Fallowfield United Methodist Church hosted a youth fellowship night on Sunday, November 13. We played games, had devotional time, and ate pizza and grilled chicken salads. Parents and friends joined in the fun with a game and discussion on how to draw young families to our church.

Jamestown Presbyterian Church’s Wonderful Wednesdays wrapped up with a program on Wednesday, November 16. This year 47 children attended and had the chance to learn about Jesus. They made crafts, played games outside, and learned seven songs, which they performed last Wednesday at the program. It is encouraging to see kids in church and hear them sing songs about telling others about Jesus, putting Him first, and trusting in Him.

Fallowfield United Methodist is having its annual Fellowship Supper on November 20. This is a reward for everyone who helped with this year’s pie project. People bring casseroles, desserts, and pies, and the church provides turkey, rolls, and drinks. I love these dinners. They’re fun and heartwarming.

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful week. I hope you’ll join me in writing a thank you note to God. Blessings!