Creativity in the Atlantic Community

Welcome to another week!

Before I forget, I need to correct myself. Last week I wrote that Sharon Shrock of Hartstown won the Jamestown Fair’s apple pie contest. She actually took second place. Now, I know Sharon personally, and she’s one heck of a baker. That first-place apple pie must’ve really been something to beat Sharon’s pie.

And I neglected to mention that Jean Groce`, also of Hartstown, won the Edythe King Peach Pie Memorial Award. The late Edythe King entered a peach pie almost every year in the Jamestown Fair. Edythe’s family and a loyal peach pie fan of hers created the award and gave a 20-dollar prize in her honor. I think this is pretty special. I might mention that I also know Jean, and, man, can she bake. I’m sure her pie would’ve made everyone who tasted it tip their heads back and say, “Mmm-mmm!” Congratulations, Jean!

Also, Alma Troyer of Atlantic won the Barbara Saulsbery Memorial Award and People’s Choice Award for her cream-colored cream swan quilt. As I wrote last week, her quilt depicted two swans facing each other, their necks and heads almost forming a heart. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Wasn’t the cooler weather last week refreshing? It felt heavenly to me. I’ve heard reports that we’re in for a warm, sunny fall. I’ve gotten used to 88-degree days this summer. Even if the daily high temperature reaches the mid-70s it’ll feel cool to me. Fall is coming, slowly but surely.

Lots of leaves have already fallen off poplars – my tulip tree is half bare. I’ve also noticed sycamore trees losing their leaves while I take my daily walks. Fresh air and sunshine do me a world of good. Walking outside is my favorite way to walk. Treadmills frustrate me. Talk about getting nowhere fast.

Walking helps me on many levels. The most important way is by helping stave off depression. As I’ve shared before, I battle bipolar illness. Walking keeps my mood up and clears my thoughts. It’s also good way to get ideas – things come to me when I’m walking that I might not think of while I’m watching TV or doing housework.

I’ve gotten ideas for my columns, devotionals, and a Bible study while walking. Seeing all the beautiful quilts and creative baked goods at the Jamestown Fair reminds me that creativity reveals itself in many forms. I wonder if those quilts or pies were dreamed up while their creator was on a walk.

I hope you’ll have a chance to take a jaunt this week and notice the beauty of your community. If you’re blessed to live in the Atlantic community, you’re sure to see something beautiful that will lift your spirits. And maybe you’ll have a great idea while you’re on the go. Whatever it is, I hope it makes you smile.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!